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Nasrullah_#144_2014_JudithHaden_AFGHANISTAN_Nasrullah__MG_8918“We were pleasantly surprised by the energy, camaraderie, love, hospitality and generosity of not only the donors but the staff, volunteers, and everyone associated with the IFAA. Coming from a country famous, if not notorious, for it’s hospitality, It is safe to say we know hospitality when we encounter it.” –Nasrullah, Afghanistan

Lulama_006_IFAA_120714_0133“I was moved by the fact that so many sponsors, staff, and volunteers give their time and efforts to make things possible for the first time artists, and would like to extend my personal gratitude to each and every one who made this visit possible” –Lulama Sihlabeni, South Africa

Multi-Lingual Volunteers Needed

Volunteer registration for the 2019 International Folk Art Market will open in April 2019. Please sign up for our newsletter or check back here for updates and reminders.

The International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe hosts over 150 artists from over 60 countries. While many of the artists speak English, many do not. Multi-lingual volunteers are needed for our Interpreters Team to assist the artists throughout many steps of the market, starting with written translation of important documents ending with event wrap-up and debrief.

Our Interpreters Team serves two roles:

Translate Written Materials – The volunteers work remotely to help translate and prepare written documents used by the artists prior to and during the event. Documents range in complexity, from shipping and travel instructions to more complicated legal documents.  All work can be done remotely via email. Volunteers must have Word and email and be available for a possible quick turnaround of documents. Written translation is currently in process and is ongoing through early June.

Verbal Interpreters – Volunteers who fluently speak English and another language are needed to support some of our artists in person in Santa Fe at the Market, as well as events before and after.  These are the dates that interpreters are needed at the Santa Fe Market:

  • July 10 – New Artists Education Conference
  • July 11 – Artist Resource Fair
  • July 12 (daytime and evening) – International Folk Art Market
  • July 13-14 – International Folk Art Market
  • July 15-16 – Artist payout
There are other activities sprinkled throughout those dates where interpreters may be needed to accompany their artist – social events, airport greeting, event wrap-up, etc. The Volunteer Chairperson will coordinate those activities.
Below is a list of the languages represented at the Market. Note that we may not need interpreters for all languages at the current market, but inquiries are welcome.
 Afrikaans  Dari  Italian  Mandarin  Spanish  Thai
 Arabic  Dzongkha  Japanese  Moroccan Arabic  Spanish (Amuzgo)  Tibetan
 Ayoreo  Filipino  Kalasha  Naro  Spanish (Mixe)  Tuareg
 Bahasa (Indonesian)  French  Kannada  Nepalese  Spanish (Purpecha)  Turkish
 Bengali  German  Kazakh  Pashtun  Spanish (Tzetlal)  Ukranian
 Bislami  Gujarati  Korean  Polish  Spanish (Zapotec)  Urdu
 Burmese  Haitian Creole  Kutchi  Portuguese  Tagalog  Uzbek
 Bhutanese  Hebrew  Kyrgyz  Quechua  Tajik  Vietnamese
 Chinese  Hindi  Maach meu
 Russian  Tamasheq  Xhosa
 Chinese (Miao)  Hmong  Lao  Setswana  Tamazight  Yoruba
Catalan Hungarian Malay Shona Tetun Zulu

If you have questions about the Interpreters Team, please email us at or call 505.992.7615