Volunteer Registration

We still need volunteers for the 2019 International Folk Art Market!

It’s not too late to sign up! With almost 4,500 shifts to fill, we never turn away the offer of assistance. Most remaining volunteer shifts take place July 12-14. Our greatest need is for Artist Assistants and Cashiers.

To apply between July 7-11 for volunteer shifts occurring July 12-14, please complete one of the registration forms below, according to the team that interests you. Our greatest need is for Artist Assistants and Cashiers.

We cannot accept walk-in volunteer registration at the IFAM offices on Thursday, July 11. Please register online or follow the instructions below about walk-in volunteering.

Please read the information on the Current Volunteers page about how to get your shirt, badge and participate in any training that may apply to your team.

To apply between July 12-14 for volunteer shifts occurring July 12-14 – walk-ins are welcome. Simply take the Volunteer Shuttle and stop at the Volunteer Tent. We will register you on the spot, get you a shirt and badge, and put you to work! If you think you’d like to be a cashier or artist assistant, please watch the training videos in advance, or allow a little extra time for on-site training. Online registration will close at 10:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 11.

Questions or problems? Email sandra@folkartmarket.org or call (505) 992-7615.

Artist Assistant

Artist Assistants work directly with artists during the market, and have the opportunity to learn more about their respective cultures and their art work, while playing an integral role in having a successful Market experience.  Artist Assistants work closely with the artists, providing the broadest cultural experience. Work as an AA may be very busy, in a crowded booth, with numerous demands. Ideal Artist Assistants are able to manage noisy conditions, a busy pace, keep shopper purchases organized, and follow the specific instructions necessary to write sales slips. Legible handwriting is required, as the tasks involved in this position require writing sales slips that cashiers will use to enter sales.
*Mandatory training is required for all Artist Assistants and is available in person or as video.
Artist Assistant Registration

Interpreters & Translators

Interpreters provide language interpretation for artists during midweek training, International Folk Art Market panel discussions and demonstrations, and during the Market in their booth, all to help the artists tell their story and share information about their work and their culture.



Cashiers are one of the most important volunteer roles at the market. Friendly cashiers will use electronic technology to deliver more streamlined check out for market shoppers and collect IFAM donations as part of the check-out process.

Team Notes: We welcome volunteers to this team who are comfortable handling money, working with electronic point-of-sale systems, and managing a large volume of transactions.
*Mandatory in-person training is required for all Cashiers.

Cashier Registration

Booth Set-Up

Booth Set-Up takes place on Friday morning before the Market opens. Help the artists set up their booths, price their products, hang displays, and generally get ready for the shopping later than evening.

Booth set-up is not artist-specific. Rather, you are assigned to a Block – a group of booths – and the Block Captain will direct you to the artists who need help.

Booth set-up is open to people with all abilities, as some artists will need help applying price tags, for those who can’t lift, while others will need help moving and unpacking boxes.

Booth Set-Up

ABQ Airport Greeters

Albuquerque Airport Greeters are the first to welcome artists at the Albuquerque Sunport in early July. They help collect luggage and assist artists in finding the shuttle to Santa Fe.
Schedule Notes: Shifts for this team take place Sunday, July 7-Thursday, July 11. Shifts are based on flight arrivals and may be scheduled as early as 10:00 a.m. and as late as 11:00 p.m. Because shifts are completed prior to the beginning of Market, you may opt to volunteer an additional shift during Market, or just attend the event as a guest.
Team Notes: All shifts for this team take place at the ABQ Sunport. Volunteers will need to provide their own transportation to the Sunport.


Ambiance Décor

Ambiance Decor volunteers turn Museum Hill into a colorful, bustling global marketplace starting about 3 weeks before Market.
Schedule Notes: Shifts for this team take place beginning in late June and extend a few days past Market. There are a few limited shifts during Market, allowing team members to volunteer in another area or attend the event as a guest. Full-day shifts (8-5) are preferable because of the training involved, but half-day shifts (8-12 and 1-5) are also available.
Team Notes: This team works primarily outdoors, requiring lifting 10 pounds, using a stepladder, bending down, and reaching overhead.


Artist Education and Resource Fair

Artist Education volunteers help with the setup and organization of logistical needs for the New Artist Training, Artist Conference and Resource Fair. These events provide training and support for new and returning artists to make the most of their Market experience, develop their business through general  business and marketing workshops, and expand their artistic skills with hands-on skill building. Through peer-to-peer learning and long-term support, artists are assisted in improving their livelihoods and participate more effectively in the global marketplace.

Schedule Notes: This team volunteers on Wednesday and Thursday, July 10 and 11.

Note: If you are a new or returning mentor, please contact Sachiko Umi at sachiko@folkartmarket.org. This registration is for the set-up and support team only.


Artist Lunches

Artist Lunches – These volunteers deliver lunches to artists during set-up on Friday and during Market on Saturday and Sunday.
Team Notes: Tasks for this team may include maneuvering through busy crowds to reach artists and deliver their box lunches.


Bike Valet

Bike Valet volunteers check in attendees bikes, guarding them while the owners attend the Folk Art Market, and then returning the bike when the owner comes to pick it up.

Scheduling note: This team volunteers on Saturday and Sunday, July 13 and 14, only.

Bike Valet Registration

Booth Supplies

Booth Supplies volunteers provide critical assistance to the Market by packing the supplies that are provided by the Market, and used by artists and artist assistants, to properly display and sell their art at the Market.
Schedule Notes: This team works a few shifts in May and June, preparing for the Market, then begin return shifts on Thursday, July 11 – Monday, July 15.
Booth Supplies Registration

Community Celebration

Community Celebration volunteers prepare for and conduct the Community Celebration – the kickoff event for the International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe. Tasks include setting up and decorating for the event in the downtown Santa Fe Plaza, then coordinate artist and student participants for the
Artist Procession. They also perform crowd control for the procession route, ensuring safe and efficient passage for the artists to the Plaza. The Community Celebration is the artists’ official public welcome to Santa Fe.
Schedule Notes: This team volunteers for 1 day only – Thursday, July 11.


Children’s Passport Project

Children’s Passport Project volunteers prepare the children for their journey around the world!

We help them fill out their passports and explain how to read the maps included in their passport and on display in the booth. We encourage them to visit as many booths as possible where they will receive flag stickers from all  the countries represented by the artisans at the Market. The children also receive a list of how to say “Hello” in  the languages of the over 150 artists from more than 50 different countries.
We invite the children to return to our booth at the end of their trip where they’ll share their knowledge and receive a token of appreciation. The journey taps into a child’s natural curiosity about the world and the people who share it. It’s an experience they’ll never forget!


Entertainment / Stage

Entertainment volunteers need to be on-hand to jump in and do anything that needs to be done in association with getting the performers up and running for their performance and interacting with the public around stage/entertainment-related issues and activities. Primary activities include keeping our area neat, tidy and orderly, selling CDs and answering questions, taking performers to the Museum for workshops, bringing them to the stage, and running errands around Market if needed. There are other activities that happen around the stage that are the responsibility of other people (getting artists unloaded from their vehicles, settled in the prep area, transitioned onto the stage and getting gear on and off the stage), however, it is handy if volunteers can be aware of these needs and lend a hand if necessary. Click here to see the 2019 Entertainment Schedule. (Volunteers for this team are needed at Museum Hill performances only.)


Green Team

Green Team volunteers meet artists on Friday and Keep the Market Green by promoting and supporting recycling of shipping and storage containers. They are the friendly faces the artists meet as they are setting up and packing away their booths.
Schedule Notes: This team volunteers on Friday, Sunday, and Monday, July 12, 14 and 15.
Green Team Registration


Handyperson volunteers help make the artists’ booths retail-ready by hanging mirrors and delivering garment racks that these volunteers also help assemble. Duties might include attaching screws so artists can hang their work, moving tables and lifting boxes.
Schedule Notes: This team has volunteer shifts from Thursday, July 11 through Monday, July 15.
Team Notes: We ask these team members to bring a set of basic tools along for their shifts.
Handypersons Registration

Lot Greeters

Transportation Team volunteers provide Market information and hospitality to guests as they load the attendee shuttles at our offsite load zones and parking lots.

Team Notes: This team works at the parking lots located at the Rail Runner South Capitol Station and the Lamy and PERA buildings.

Lot Greeters Registration

Market Hosts

Market Hosts volunteers greet visitors and provide basic directional information as they enter and leave the Market. When invited, these volunteers help provide information about who we are and what we do to change lives around the world.
Team Notes: This team will be working outdoors for their shift. While chairs and umbrellas are provided, the positions can be sunny, warm and involve some standing and walking.
Market Hosts Registration

Market Signs

Market Signs volunteers work before the Market to assemble and install signs, and after the Market to take down and inventory signs. The pre- and post-Market schedule means that nearly all of the Market signs volunteers will be able to shop or to volunteer for other positions during the Market. Many volunteers will be needed only during dedicated pre-Market weekend workdays. This team needs volunteers who are somewhat agile and relatively fit. Activity includes moving from station to station, climbing a step-ladder to attach signs (and later detach then), performing basic handiwork – tying
knots, inserting signs into holders, etc. Minimal lifting. Most shifts will be inside a tent or under a roof; a few tasks may be done outdoors in the sun.
Market Signs Registration

Volunteer Check-In/Support

Volunteer Supporters help with a variety of tasks such as office assembly projects, phone calls, volunteer t-shirt distribution, trainings, and check-in at the Market. Get to know your fellow volunteers and community members by answering their questions, assisting them with event details, and making new friends!


Water Team

Water Team volunteers help keep both artists and Market visitors hydrated by providing water at the Market’s five free water kiosks. This is a great position for energetic and friendly people who like to work with others, and pride themselves on providing excellent customer service.


Dallas Artist Assistants

The International Folk Art Market | Collection at the Dallas Market Center encourages sustainable and dignified livelihoods by connecting artists with wholesale buyers for year-round income. In 2019, Dallas Market Center will host the IFAM Total Home & Gift Market, June 18-23, 2019.


Thank you to all the volunteers who made the 2019 Dallas Market a success!

Block Captain

Block Captains are networkers and problem-solvers who work closely with Artist Assistants and staff to ensure a positive artist and customer experience. If you have been an Artist Assistant in a busy booth for at least a year, enjoy working and thinking on your feet while responding to a wide variety of issues and needs, and are calm among the bustle of the Market when tense situations arise, then this might be the volunteer position for you! Block Captains are “big view” volunteers who attend to the flows and fluctuations of the Market while ensuring that the details of the sales process run smoothly and accurately for Artist Assistants. In this role, Block Captains are responsible for monitoring activities within a specific block at the Market,  and must be proficient with sales slips and the Concierge Service. All Block Captains are encouraged to attend several meetings and training sessions prior to the Market.  If you love to stay busy, engage with a variety of volunteers and artists, and are a mover and a shaker, please join this team!
Note: Block Captains are required to have served as an Artist Assistant for at least one Market.
Block Captain Application