IFAA staff in Haiti For many Haitian artists after the 2010 earthquake, their work has become survival—both as a means to heal and to provide. From painters working in the rubble of ruined buildings to textile and papier mâché artists incorporating found and recycled objects in their pieces, their art tells the story of determination, legacy, and dreams of a better future.

We are thrilled to announce that there will be a total of 14 Haitian folk artists coming to the International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe in July. For eight of these artists, it will be their very first time. Together, they will make up the largest group of Haitian folk artists showing outside of Haiti!

Thanks to a grant from the HAND/EYE Fund, in December of 2013, three members of our staff traveled to Haiti to visit new artists and assist in the process of applying to IFAM | Santa Fe.

While we were there, we worked with the Artisan Business Network in Port-au-Prince to train ABN staff members on how to help artists apply for the International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe. The ABN was developed by Fairwinds Trading and the HAND/EYE Fund to provide entrepreneurial Haitians with the tools and market access they need to succeed.

Together, the IFAA and ABN team assisted approximately 25 artists in filling out applications for the 2014 IFAM | Santa Fe. We visited workshops and artists studios, dined with IFAA artists, saw marketplaces and children heading to school, and a country in the process of restoration.

These talented Haitian folk artists joined us in 2014 at the International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe!

  1. Jean Marie Edward Vital, Painting
  2. Herby Marshal, Papier-mâché
  3. Merger Samedi, Painter
  4. Pierre Sylvain Augustin, Painter
  5. Pierre Edgar Satyr, Papier-mâché
  6. Josnel Bruno, Recycled Oil Drum Bowls and Platters
  7. Lenor Baldomere, Stone Carving, Atelier Cormmier Stone Carvers
  8. Serge Jolimeau, Recycled Oil Drum Sculptures
  9. Yvette Celestine, Papier-mâché
  10. Dubréus Lhérisson, Multi-media, vodou tapestries with recycled materials
  11. David Boyer, Multi-media, vodou tapestries with recycled materials
  12. Georges Valris, Sequin vodou flags
  13. Jean Baptiste Jean Joseph, Sequin vodou flags
  14. Marie Islande Ulysse, Painting/ Papier-mâché, Dam Dam Cooperative

IFAA staff visit Haiti Photo credit: Kelly Waller