Haiti_papiermacheMasksThe International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe would not be complete without our festive Ambiance Booth. Each year the Ambiance Booth offers a wide variety of colorful, fun, and affordable handmade items, making it a favorite spot to shop for all attendees.

This year the booth will be in a new and larger location, creating a celebratory area near the entertainment stage! With the larger location, there is room for exciting new inventory alongside the much-loved favorites of previous years.

Members of the Ambiance committee went to the Feria Maestros del Arte in Lake Chapala, Mexico to purchase new products for the booth. On the same trip, they sourced unique paper craft items, tinwork, and flowers from new vendors in the town of Tlaquepaque. One of the amazing finds from this trip is the Original Friends Dolls, cloth dolls handmade by female prisoners in Mexico, a project that builds self-esteem and provides income for the artists. The dolls allow a chance for the women to express themselves, and each doll is unique and full of character.

Indonesia_KitesOrders were placed with our long-time vendors in Mexico City who supply the famous paper flowers and flower teresitas that are nearly synonymous with IFAM | Santa Fe and are part of the magic of the Market!

For the first time this year, the Ambiance Booth will sell exciting items from Bali, Indonesia. Intricate dragon, eagle, and butterfly kites will be decorating the Market and available for you to take home. The booth will also be offering Bali’s woven palm bags with quality leather handles in three sizes — perfect to accommodate all of your unique Market finds.


This year’s IFAM | Santa Fe has the largest contingent of Haitian artists showing together outside of Haiti. The Ambiance Booth will be celebrating this by selling colorful papier mâché bird masks for adults and children.

The booth will also feature handmade items from India and Thailand. Among the highlights are embroidered umbrellas and shoulder bags from India, and bright and cheerful fish mobiles from Thailand.

Located in the Market’s Upper Plaza to the right of the entertainment stage, the Ambiance Booth’s strikingly beautiful display will be grander than ever, capturing the warmth and enthusiasm of the artists and visitors. As always, this is the place to buy some of the amazing decorations seen throughout the Market. Be sure to stop by and seize the chance to take home a special piece of this remarkable event!