Europe and Eurasia

Roman Zilinko

“My artworks continue the tradition of the Ukrainian icon painting of the Carpathian region, which flourished in the 16th and 19th centuries,” explains artist Roman Zilinko. Icon painting in Ukraine appeared with the Christianization of its territories over a thousand years ago. Along with professional icon painting, there were also folk icons in the provincial […]

Ivan Bobkov

The art of Master potters and ceramicist Ivan Boibkov represents “the unity of the indigenous peoples of Ukraine–Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians.” Marina specializes in Crimean Tatar ornek, a traditional form of ornamentation that embellishes various items of everyday life and worship–clothes, fabrics, jewelry, architectural objects, furniture, and even tombstones. Ivan’s traditional pottery is adorned with […]

Ivan Dimitrov

Words can’t do justice to the intricate work of master woodcarver Ivan Dimitrov. His eye-catchingly special three-dimensional art speaks to decades of dedicated practice, beginning with study under Bulgarian master woodcarvers. With lyrical titles like “Spring Songs” and “Sunrise,” Dimitrov’s elegant panels are thoughtfully arranged and visually dazzling, depicting natural and abstracted designs in meticulously […]

François Fresnais

François Fresnais has applied his professional training in ceramics to the revival of a centuries-old practice of pottery-making in France. This tradition, through which potters have long worked to transcribe the daily life of the people, nearly disappeared after the Second World War. Having studied these ancient shapes and patterns, Fresnais set up a workshop […]

Zsuzsa Zsigmond

Zsuzsa Zsigmond’s loom-woven textiles – as meticulously designed and understated as they are – may at first glance look strictly contemporary, but they are rooted in traditional Hungarian folk art, with characteristics that have remain unchanged for centuries. As is customary for artisans of her caliber, Zsuzsa spent years apprenticing to perfect her technique. Although […]

Imre Albert Szucs

A longtime member of the esteemed Association of Hungarian Folk Artists, master ceramicist Imre Szűcs resides in Tiszafüred, a picturesque, forested town in central Hungary. It’s an area rich in natural resources, which Szűcs employs in his ornately decorated pottery. Clay is regionally sourced, and so is paint—which is created from natural dyes culled from […]

Kiryakos Andrew Nicolas Lazarides

Eastern Orthodox icon paintings are both sacred and drenched in history. While they take us back to another time and era, icon paintings are still made today by artisans like Kiryakos Lazarides, from Athens, Greece. Usually working in egg tempera or acrylic on backgrounds of canvas or wood, Kiryakos translates figures and symbols which have […]

Lesia Pona

Ukraine’s Pokuttya Folk Art cooperative began in 2015 with the goal of preserving traditional artistic methods and styles of the region. Most of the group’s members are women, Ukraine’s Pokuttya Folk Art cooperative began in 2015 with the goal of preserving traditional artistic methods and styles of the region. Pokuttya’s artisans make embroidered home textiles using only […]

Blaise Cayol

To call Tavel, France, “romantic” doesn’t begin to do justice to this lushly scenic region in the southern part of the country. For hundreds of years, the area has been synonymous with rosé, the blush-colored wine characteristic of the Rhone valley in which Tavel is situated. It is against this redolent backdrop that basket-maker Blaise […]

Luis Méndez López

The timelessly elegant jewelry of master Spanish artisan Luis Méndez López are inspired mainly by designs from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries—when extravagant accessories of the finest stones and dazzling metals enjoyed popularity with the upper classes of Salamanca, Spain. This historically rich region is home to López’s studio, where he expands upon hundreds […]

Andrea Usai

Sardinia, Italy-based master jeweler Andrea Usai studied the labor-intensive craft of making finely designed, heirloom jewelry for many years before he began his own independent studio. Today, Usai uses techniques which have remained unchanged for hundreds of years to create achingly beautiful, delicately configured arrangements of fine metals and gemstones. Though he comes from a […]