East Asia and the Pacific

Yuliana Anin Fuka/AHPADA

Textiles are important expressions of culture and status in Indonesia and the people of West Timor produce an extensive variety. The traditional textiles of the remote village of Fatumnasi stand apart from others thanks to their vibrant colors and original tapestry weaving techniques.   Weaving is traditionally seen as a prerequisite skill for women, who learn […]

Tsuyo Onodera & Maki Aizawa

Tsuyo Onodera, a master kimono maker, has been in the kimono industry for more than fifty years. Together with her daughter, Maki Aizawa, they have been making haori and hanten, kimono-influenced jackets and coats from denim, linen, paper, and cotton. Kimono are often worn in Japan for important public holidays and festivals and for formal occasions such as […]

Huang Changping

“Miao minority people are fond of silverwares and both men and women love to adorn themselves with silver accessories,” says master silversmith Huang Changping. As early as the Ming Dynasty, Miao people have been known for their silver adornments and the tradition continues with the creation of jewelry, belts, pipes, housewares, and even hats made […]

Rachael Nambula

Rachael Nambula was born c.1970 at Stirling Station, north of Ti Tree in Central Australia. Her inspiration to paint comes from her mother Evelyn Pultara and other prominent artist family members. Rachael is a teacher’s assistant at the Neutral Junction Station Primary School in the Barrow Creek region where she assists in both English and Aboriginal language. Whilst […]

Somporn Intaraprayong, Wandee Jitnirat

Thai artisan Somporn Intaraprayong, in partnership with the organization Chinalai Tribal Antiques, makes traditional clothing and accessories that are effortlessly chic. Using cotton, silk, linen and hemp which are foraged or cultivated, with the exception of the batik scarves which are hand-dyed on purchased commercial cotton, stitching and patterns depict everyday life and embedded iconography. […]

Souksakhone Khakampanh

Situated in the rural Houphan Province of Laos, a group of artisans produce naturally dyed, silk textiles that many consider to be unparalleled—not just in the region, but abroad. Artisan Souksakone Khakampanh is a natural dye artist and designer of silk textiles similar to those made by indigenous communities in the region for centuries. By […]

Suriya Wongchai

In the village community in Chiang Khong, outside of Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand, artisans have been creating radiantly colored, intricately woven textiles for generations. Maintaining this tradition is artisan Suriya Wongchai, whose exceptional creative vision, combined with a longtime dedication to traditional techniques, results in truly one of kind textiles, designed for a range […]

Yang Xiufen

Guizhou Province, located in a relatively rural area in Southwestern China, is one of the most culturally diverse regions in the country. Artist and Guizhou native Yang Xiufen is a traditionally trained textile artist, known for her use of uniquely hued indigo dye. It is a true, rich blue, and completely organic. In this area […]

Bounkhong Signavong

Bounkhong Signavong’s textiles are made from silk and cotton and are naturally dyed using plants native to Southeast Asia. He says of his work, “In collaboration with master weavers who can revive centuries-old traditions, I create contemporary textiles with firm roots in Lao styles and weaving traditions. The motifs in my textiles have been influenced […]

Somporn Intaraprayong

Having experienced a difficult childhood, Somporn Intaraprayong learned how to become self-sufficient, but she also acquired empathy — especially towards women who have struggled to provide for themselves and their children. As a textile artist, Somporn is self-taught and she has taken her creativity, passion, and discipline across various regions in Thailand to teach women […]

Mayasari Sekarlaranti

Artist cooperative Galeri Batik Jawa Indigo was founded by master textile artisan Mayasari Sekarlaranti. Born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Sekarlaranti watched her mother lead the city’s Yogyakarta Batik Society; from early on, a deep love of Indonesian history and culture was instilled in her. In 2007, Sekarlaranti established Galeri Batik Jawa Indigo, Co., Ltd, in Yogyakarta, […]

Senia Jugi

Senia Jugi creates traditional baskets of the Iban people using rattan, natural bembem, arrowroot, and dyed split bamboo. These unique containers are made in various sizes and shapes and serve multiple purposes for everyday life and ritual occasions. Basketry is considered an essential skill for Iban women.

She also makes hats called “topi tunjang” or “sky […]

Darouny Thongdynalai

Silverwork is an integral artform to both traditional and contemporary Lao culture. It goes back several centuries, and was a splendid part of court life. Many motifs offered by family-owned jewelers Blanc de Noir were initially reserved for royal use, and some resonate with symbolism and myth in ways that have been lost in neighboring […]