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Passport to Folk Art Trips are a life-changing opportunity to meet master folk artists in their home countries, experience rich histories and traditions firsthand, and connect with the artists that are creating a better future for their communities through folk art. Each trip includes a donation to the International Folk Art Alliance, allowing us to support opportunities for folk artists around the world.

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Passport to Folk Art Trips

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Nepal and Bhutan | Passport to Folk Art Trip

Kathmandu, Janakpur, Patan, Thimi, Bhaktapur, Thimphu, Bumthang, and Paro
Nepal: March 1 – 7, 2019
Bhutan: March, 7 – 13, 2019

TRIP COST: Nepal: $4,490 Per Person, Sharing; $895 Single Supplement; Bhutan: $4,290 Per Person, Sharing; $625 Single Supplement Based on a minimum of 10 participants or a surcharge will apply. Accommodations or restaurant subject to change based on availability at time of booking. Customized extensions can be arranged in either country or to Tibet, Mongolia, India, etc.


  • Visit the Red Sari Felt Production Center — where women create scarves and purses by felting and fusing upcycled silk saris and wool fibers. Try your hand at making your own scarf!
  • Journey to the remote village of Kuwa, where you will spend time with the Janakpur Women’s Development Center— the first non-governmental organization in Nepal working to empower and support the women from the Maithili culture, who traditionally painted designs on the outside walls of their homes, but now have begun painting the same and now new images on handmade paper.
  • Stay in the charming Inn Patan, and wander around this historic city, one of the three original kingdoms of Nepal, where in the evenings, you will have the opportunity to observe a young boy, undergoing initiation to become a Buddhist, ceremoniously circumambulate the Golden Temple.
  • Travel to Bumthang to visit Leki Wangmo and Rinzin Wangmo of Leki Textiles & Weaving Studio. Leki learned to weave at the age of eight and spent three years weaving for the royal family. You have the option of taking a weaving class or organize dye workshop, whether you are a master weaver or a beginner!
  • Take an excursion (climbing optional) to the famous Taktsang Monastery, where it is said that Guru Rinpoche arrived on the back of a tigress and meditated at this monastery, hence called “Tiger’s Nest.”

For more information, and to register for your trip email or, and click here to read an abbreviated trip itinerary.

Oaxaca | Passport to Folk Art Trip (Sold Out)

Oaxaca and Mixteca Highlands
March 12-19, 2019
TRIP COST: $3,650 per person, double occupancy; $500 single supplement; A non-refundable deposit of $500 to IFAM will secure your spot! Space is limited to 20 travelers.


  • Visits to the homes of several IFAM artists including potter, Don Jose Garcia, and the weaving family of Don Isaac Vazquez.
  • Tour the temples, palaces, and plazas of Monte Alban, one of the earliest cities of Mesoamerica, dating back to 500 BC.
  • Travel to the Mixteca Alta for two nights where we will be exposed to the markets and artisans of this unique, remote area including the Trique village where the women still dress in their floor-length, famous “red huipiles.”
  • Stop at San Augustin Etla where we will tour the old textile mill which is now an art center and papermaking factory, created by renowned artist, Francisco Toledo, where they make a variety of beautiful paper products including fabulous jewelry.
  • Enjoy the legendary food of Oaxaca, from upscale restaurants to salt of the earth home cooked meals.

To secure a spot or for more trip information, please contact Peggy Gaustad at, (505) 310-1356, and click here to read an abbreviated trip itinerary.

Northeast India | Passport to Folk Art Trip 

Folk Arts, Ancient Temples, and Natural Wonders in Northeast India 
November 8 – 20, 2019
TRIP COST: $3,900 includes meals, accommodations, flights within India, ground transport within India, park entry fees. Single room available for $1,000 additional.


  • Kantha embroidery of Bengal
  • Mask-making traditions of Bengal
  • Dakshineshwara Temple, the largest K?l? temple in the world
  • Belur Math, the mission of famed Indian spiritual teacher Ramakrishna
  • Kamakhya Temple, one of the most important goddess temples in India
  • Umananda Temple, a beautiful island temple in the middle of the Brahmaputra River
  • Eri silk and Ahimsa silk of Assam
  • Tribal arts of Meghalaya
  • The fabulous Ry Kinjai hotel, serenity by the lake
  • Living root bridges of Meghalaya
  • The rugged beauty of Kaziranga National Park

India’s magnificent Northeast provinces are home to pristine jungles and rivers, awesome wildlife sanctuaries, and some of the most diverse and unique arts traditions of the Indian subcontinent. The states of West Bengal, Assam, and Meghalaya contain numerous distinct tribal peoples, each of which has its own style of art and craft. The Northeast is also home to Kaziranga National Park, which features the largest population of Asiatic Rhinos on the planet.

Join us for this unique adventure as we visit arts, cultural, and wildlife destinations in this awe-inspiring region.

We’ll start in Calcutta, where we’ll stay at the magnificent Oberoi Hotel and immerse in the beautiful Kantha embroidery and mask-making traditions of the region. Then we’ll head east to Assam, home to one of the most important goddess temples in all of India and the heartland of Assam silk, Eri silk, and Ahimsa silk.

Just south of Assam is Meghalaya, the fabled Land of Cloud, with awe-inspiring waterfalls and home to the Kasi people, who make bridges out of the living roots of trees. We’ll explore the fabric and wood arts of this vibrant region before taking two days to visit Kaziranga national park, home to rhinoceros, elephant, and the elusive Bengal tiger.

To secure a spot or for more trip information, please contact Josh Shrei at or (505) 919-9530, and click here to read an abbreviated trip itinerary. 

Brazil | Passport to Folk Art Trip 

The Folkloric Arts of Brazil and the Majesty of Iguaçu Falls Brazil  
September 4 – 16, 2020
TRIP COST: $4,800 includes meals, accommodations, flights within Brazil, ground transport within Brazil, park entry fees. Single room available for $1,200 additional. Supplemental 4-day, 3-night Iguaçu trip —Sept 16-20, 2020 — $2,100.


  • Ouro Preto, Tiradentes, and São João Del Rei, some of the best preserved colonial towns of Brazil
  • Inhotim museum and botanical garden
  • Artisanal cheesemakers of Minas Gerais
  • Miniature ceramics of Pernambuco
  • Famed block printing of Pernambuco
  • Traditional Brazilian lace artisans
  • Nannai Coastal Resort
  • The splendor of Iguaçu falls
  • The famed Hotel Belmond Das Cataratas, luxury hotel directly adjacent to the falls
The country of Brazil is home to colorful folk arts traditions, a thriving modern art scene, and magnificent natural wonders.
Join us as we spend two weeks exploring some of the most vibrant destinations that this beautiful nation has to offer. We’ll start off in the heartland of Minas Gerais, where we’ll visit the quaint colonial towns of Ouro Preto, Tiradentes, and São João Del Rei and explore a countryside famed for its pastoral farmland and artisanal cheeses. Minas Gerais is also home to Inhotim, a world-renowned outdoor arts museum and botanical garden. The next part of the trip will take us north to the coast of Pernambuco and Bahia, where we’ll visit traditional block printers, puppet makers, lace workers, and ceramics artists and take time to soak in the spectacular beauty of the coast as we stay in two of the best coastal resorts in all of Brazil.

For those who want to add an optional 4-day extension (September 16-20th), we will visit Iguaçu Falls, the largest waterfall system on the planet and one of the great wonders of the natural world. From our base at the famed Hotel Belmond Das Cataratas, we’ll explore the majesty of Iguaçu by boat, foot, and even helicopter.

To secure a spot or for more trip information, please contact Josh Shrei at or (505) 919-9530. 


  • All Accommodations
  • Meals and Beverages
  • Transportation including airline tickets for countries on itinerary
  • Sightseeing and Transfers
  • English-Speaking Guides and Entrance Fees
  • Gratuities (Some gratuities on Cuba trips not included in price.)
  • Donation to the International Folk Art Alliance

**Add on trips may not have the same inclusions.

You as the traveler need only pay for:

  • International Airline Tickets
  • Insurance (Required on most, strongly recommended for Cuba)
  • Personal Expenses (Airport taxes, visas, camera fees, specialty beverages, etc.)

For details related to accessibility and levels of physical activity with trips, please contact your trip organizer.