Lindblad Expeditions—National Geographic Artisan Fund Expands Market Opportunities for IFAA Artists

Craft development is the second largest income generator in rural areas, second only to agriculture. It is also, in many cases, a key component to preserving cultural heritage and empowers communities that may otherwise be left way behind in our global economy. According to Lindblad Expeditions, “as travelers we are enriched by these crafts and…
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Hands that Weave Like Water

When Saturnino was only 8 years old, his father taught him to weave on a loom. He worked weeks on this first weaving, carefully pouring his affection into the work. When it was finally completed, Saturnino brought this precious piece to his father, who rolled it up, put it under his arm, and started to…
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Updates from Nepal

From the Desk of Jeff Snell, Chief Executive Officer June 11, 2015 Update: Some good news to share about the Nepalese folk artists! First, the beautiful double crossed and knotted handmade rugs from the Yangma Traditional Weavers Cooperative arrived in Santa Fe! IFAA was pleased to assist this endeavor. Now we just need first-time Market artist and cooperative…
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A Letter from Janet Nkubana

Have you met Janet Nkubana? She is a representative of Gahaya Links, a network of women weaving a better future through their ancestral arts. Sign up today for a monthly donation, and month by month, you can weave a better future. With your tax-deductible gift to the International Folk Art Alliance, you are making more…
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IFAA Helps Foster Cultural Entrepreneurship

Artists with the Omba Arts Trust in Namibia shape delicate beads out of shards from ostrich eggshells, following a practice that has been passed along from generation to generation for 200 centuries. The legacy of this artistic expression, and the traditional art forms of many rural cultures in the world, has been extended with the…
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