Tarek Abdelhay Hafez Abouelenin | Tentmakers of Cairo

Tarek Abdelhay Hafez Abouelenin is a first-time Market who is part of this year’s International Folk Art Alliance (IFAA) Campaign for Artist Sponsorship. IFAA is honored to have him attend, enjoy, and benefit from 2016 International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe. Tarek is a member of the Tentmakers of Cairo, a group of 23…
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IFAM | Santa Fe: the Largest Market Yet!

The process began in November where nearly 600 artist applicants were reviewed by a Selection Committee of seven folk art experts who have the responsibility to review, discuss, and collectively decide which artists meet IFAA’s criteria: diverse media, country of origin, cultural story, and foremost exceptional quality. This year artists from more than 60 countries…
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Market Results & Global Impact—From the desk of Jeff Snell, CEO

July 17, 2015 Dear Friends, The results are in—the 12th Annual International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe lived up to its billing as the #1 art festival in the country and a top 20 must-see event globally! Snapshots follow below. 2015 International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe — The Numbers Participating artists—173 from…
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El Grupo Bayate: Realizing Dreams of Art and Community

“In our work, there will always be a philosophy unique to our community and its people that we want to portray as painters. Our objective is to guarantee that the traditions of our community are preserved along with our cultural identity.” —Luis El Estudiante Rodriguez, Painter, El Grupo Bayate At this year’s International Folk Art Market…
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Lindblad Expeditions—National Geographic Artisan Fund Expands Market Opportunities for IFAA Artists

Craft development is the second largest income generator in rural areas, second only to agriculture. It is also, in many cases, a key component to preserving cultural heritage and empowers communities that may otherwise be left way behind in our global economy. According to Lindblad Expeditions, “as travelers we are enriched by these crafts and…
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