#144_AFGHANISTAN_Nasrullah_JudithHaden__MG_8918_resizeNasrullah comes from a family of glassmakers, creating the famous blue glass of the Herat province in Afghanistan. Following in the ways of his father and grandfather, he uses traditional and ancient techniques to make glass and blow goblets, vases, bowls, and plates.

This beautiful and detailed glassware is used to celebrate the Afghan New Year, weddings, and other special and religious occasions.

In recent years it has gained popularity in restaurants and for daily use. Since he has trained his sons and nephews in the art form, Nasrullah and his family are able to see their glassware sold throughout Afghanistan, keeping the tradition alive.

After the Market, Nasrullah’s son, Rameen Javid, shared:

Greetings from Afghanistan, glass makers booth 144. On behalf of Mr. Nasrullah, the glassmaker of Herat who is now in Herat province I want to thank our donors and sponsors for a fruitful and educational visit.

We came to IFAA with little expectations and a great deal of hope. We were pleasantly surprised by the energy, camaraderie, love, hospitality and generosity of not only the donors but the staff, volunteers, and everyone associated with the IFAA. Coming from a country famous, if not notorious, for its hospitality, it is safe to say we know hospitality when we encounter it.

In the heat of the moment while doing the tasks necessary and getting everything ready, sometimes good intentions get neglected, lost or forgotten. But not for us. It was clear throughout that everyone who was there, wanted to help us and the whole program was set up to help us achieve more. Being experienced in putting up large events and attending large events, I know how difficult it is to maintain coordination, while still being hospitable and helpful to everyone and meet every need. Thus it is a credit to the organization and organizers for maintaining a high level of coordination throughout.

We will remember the diversity, the generosity, the various opportunities and great people who were part of this large scale event. Following the market, we were invited to the Corning Museum of Glass in New York where we were welcomed by all the curators and directors of the museum in a 3 day planned welcome of The Glassmaker of Herat. We could not have dreamed of a more fantastic follow up to the market than this. The documentary which the Museum did with funding from National Geographic Society in 1970 would hopefully be revisited in the following year! It is a great honor just to think of project.

We are delighted to know that we did wonderfully in our first year, selling out everything we had and earning respectable earnings. The money we earned would first pay for the expenses and then serve as an investment in the future of glass making in Afghanistan. We have a long road ahead it seems and we would do our best to first preserve this 3500 year old industry and then to expand it so that more people benefit from glass. We are definitely interested in attending again next year and we promise you, that we will only improve – noticeably.

Thank you for sponsoring Nasrullah on his journey!