IFAM | Santa Fe’s International Food Bazaar

At the International Food Bazaar at the International Folk Art Market Santa Fe, visitors are treated to a selection of delicious international foods from over a dozen vendors. Our International Food Bazaar featured these vendors in 2019:

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The Deadline is April 1, 2021

Agapao Coffee & Tea 

The inspired coffees are Fair Trade and certified organic and expertly roasted. Agapao’s teas are handcrafted with the finest ingredients into delicious blends. http://www.agapao.com/

Anasazi Corn
Freshly roasted sweet corn

Aruna Cafe
Serving traditional and new flavors in South Indian dosas, chutneys, lassis and chai prepared by native son Dhiru Paulraj, now a Santa Fe local chef and proud father to the cafe’s namesake, Aruna.  www.spicesoflife.co

Celina’s Biscochitos
Specializing in authentic New Mexico biscochitos, using a recipe passed down from Celina’s grandmother. By hand-making and hand-cutting each cookie, her biscochitos have that “melt in your mouth” quality. http://www.celinasbiscochitos.com/

Cleopatra Cafe 
Cleopatra Cafe is known for its generous portions of flavorful Mediterranean specialties. From Gyros to Moussaka, the flavors of each dish are delicate and delightful. http://www.cleopatrasantafe.com/

Cowgirl BBQ
Serving up righteous barbecue, regional American cuisine, and a whole lot more! Lovingly prepared, wholesome meals made from scratch. http://www.cowgirlsantafe.com/

El Merendero Posa’s Inc.
Posa’s Santa Fe-style tamales are handmade using an old family recipe and local red and green chile. http://santafetamales.com/

Jambo Café
A local’s favorite known for its fusion of Swahili, European, Arabic, and Indian influences. The combination of local ingredients, tasty spices and seasonings, and African homestyle recipes make for a memorable meal. http://jambocafe.net/

Nath’s Khmer Cuisine
A unique Cambodian fusion of Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese culinary influences. Using natural and organic ingredients, many from local growers, the result is wholesome gourmet-quality cooking that is not only tasty for your palate, but healthy for your body. http://nathscatering.com/

Platero Fry Bread & Navajo Tacos
Fry bread has been a staple of Navajo cuisine for generations. Whether eaten alone, with toppings, or as the base of a Navajo taco, one taste of this fluffy fried dough will have you wanting more.

Reid’s Concessions
Refreshing fruit drinks located at the heart of the Market!

Sabor Peruano
Sabor Peruano offers a peek into a Peruvian oasis. They use organic fresh ingredients in most dishes, with a fusion of traditional indigenous; Asian, European, and West Africa! www.saborperuanosf.com

Taos Cow
Satisfy your sweet tooth with all natural premium ice cream in uniquely southwestern and traditional flavor combinations. http://www.taoscow.com/

Tres Colores
Mexican mole, tacos, and more.