A World of Thanks for Your Generous Support

In making Handmade Miracles Possible since 2004!

Government and Business Supporters

Special thanks to New Mexico’s Congressional Delegation, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs, New Mexico State Legislators, Mayor Alan Webber, Mayor Pro Tem Signe Lindell, the Santa Fe City Council, and their invaluable staff.


City of Santa Fe
Cowgirl BBQ*
Dallas Market Center*
New Mexico Interactive, LLC.*
Santa Fe Audio Visual*
Santa Fe New Mexican*


Ojo Santa Fe Spa Resort*


Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce
BJ Adventures, Inc.
Century Bank*
Drury Hotels, LLC/Drury Southwest, Inc.
La Posada de Santa Fe*
Meow Wolf*
Peyote Bird Designs*
The UPS Store


Antieau Gallery
Courtyard Marriott Santa Fe*
Greer Enterprises Inc
Heritage Hotels & Resorts*
Linblad National Geographic Artisan Fund
Malouf on the Plaza
Peruvian Connection
Santa Fe Selection Travel Guide*
Shadow Catcher Productions, Inc.
Shiprock Santa Fe
Southwest Planning & Marketing*
Sunny 505*
Toko Santa Fe
Workshop & Santa Fe Dry Goods


Collected Works Bookstore & Coffeehouse
Inn of the Governors*
La Fonda on the Plaza*
New Mexico Bank & Trust
Positive Energy Solar
RKW Enterprises*
Santa Fe School of Cooking
Santa Fe Screenprinters*
Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits of New Mexico*
Tapta Marg
The Legacy at Santa Fe
Thornburg Investment Management
Thrums Books


Dion’s Pizza*
Gruet Winery*


AmazonSmile Foundation
El Rey Court*
Ink & Images, Inc.
Olympic Trophy and Imprinting*
Phoenix Security LLC*
Que Tenga Buena Mano*
Reflective Images, Inc.

Tapta Marg
Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce
Linblad National Geographic Artisan Fund

Individual and Foundation Supporters

Your generous support makes the International Folk Art Market possible. Without you we couldn’t do the amazing work we love. To our folk art family around the world, from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You. 


Anonymous (2)
Keith Recker
Carole & Edd Stepp
JoAnn and Bob Balzer
Nance and Ramon Jose Lopez
Kathryn and Hank Coleman/Jesse T. & Jodie E. King Foundation
          In Honor of Kathryn K. Coleman
          In Honor of Keith Recker
Sandra and Rick Porter
Kathryn and Hank Coleman
Suzanne and Joel Sugg
Courtney and Scott Taylor/ The Harris Finch Foundation
Catherine and David Skinner
Catherine & Chauncay Hughes Waddell/National Philanthropic Trust – Charles Evans Hughes Memorial


Anonymous (4)
Cathy Allen and Paul Rooker
Jane Reid
Mary Costello/The Talisman Fund
Lisa Adelman
Judith Espinar
          In Support of Timoteo Carita Sacaca, Peru; Salma Abed Damej, Iraq
Peter Speliopoulos and Robert Turner
Jenny and Rob Kimball
Nan Schwanfelder
Stella Rubin/ The Marvin and Sylvia Rubin Private Family Foundation, Inc.
Lee Lysne/ Kind World Foundation
Bunny and Joe Colvin
Judith Dillenberg
Ildy and Skip Poliner
Linda Marcus
Melinne Owen and Paul Giguere


Anonymous (3)
Benita Vassallo and Stephen Wiman
          In Memory of Charmay Allred
Judith Benkendorf and Norman Marks
Adventures for the Mind Foundation
Francis J. Coleman Jr.
Karen and Stephen Durkovich
The Kilcup Family
Polly Ahrendts
Leigh Ann and David Brown
          In Memory of Charmay Allred
Gloria Zamora
Kent and Kaki Grubbs
Keith Anderson and Barbara Lenssen
Ann Griffith Ash
Bonnie Clark
Caroline Burnett
          In Support of Olinda Silvano Inuma De Arias, Peru; Andrea Velasco, Mexico
Charmay and Edward Allred
Stephanie and J. Michael Mendez/Mendez Family Fund, Santa Fe Community Foundation
Mary and Peter Van Ness/ Ed and Margaret Roberts Foundation
Stacey Rivett/ Lindblad National Geographic Artisan Fund
Charlene deJori
          In Memory of Cheryl Schorp
Janis and Dennis Lyon
Eleanor and Michael Peters
Angelique Pflueger
Diane Parker
Edelma and David Huntley
Daniel Quat Photography
Nancy and Murray Bern/ Bern Family Fund
Maila and John Davenport
Cathy Cleveland
Janice Sarah Hope/ The Janice Sarah Hope Foundation
Dr. Stephen Storey/Schwab Charitable
          In Memory of Lynn Storey
Sherry Barrat/Barrat Family Fund – Community Foundation for PB&MC
Sally E. Dodds/Jack Challem Legacy Fund
Janis and Dennis Lyon
Lynne and Joseph Horning
Carol Relijan and John Arthur
Lauren and Larry Prescott
Martha and Mark Alexander
Barbara and Ted Seeley
          In Support of Manuel David Reyes Ramirez, Mexico; Eric Adjetey Anang, Ghana; Huang Cnangping, China; Yuliana Anin Fuka, Indonesia
Vida C. Goldstein
Marianne Westen
Laurie and Michael Vander Velde
          In Honor of Virginia Williams


Jane and Tom O’Toole/ O’Toole Fund at Communities Foundation of Texas
Sara J. Mackenzie/ The Sara J. McKenzie Charitable Fund
Joni Parman and Ken Timmerman
Sunny Sonnenschein and Stuart Feen
Peggy Gaustad and Stuart A. Ashman
Alexis and Marshall Girard/Greer Enterprises, Inc
Stephen Charles/ Charles Hazlehurst Moura Family Foundation
Jane and Bob Snow/ Robert and Jane Snow Charitable Fund at JPMC
Kay and John Callison
          In Honor of Nance and Ramon Jose Lopez
Ardith Eicher and Dave Rashin
Noah Hilsenrad
Karen Loud/ The Charles Evans Hughes Memorial Foundation, Inc
Diane and Mike Cannon
          In Honor of Lynn Petrelli
Caryn Clayman
Jim Hutson-Wiley and Olga Echevarria/ The Hutson Wiley and Echevarria Foundation Inc.
Joyce and Whitney Smith/ The Vila Fund, Santa Fe Community Foundation
Martha Braniff and David Rubenstein/ The Rubenstein-Braniff Family Fund
          In Honor of Kathryn K. Coleman
Melissa and Tom Alexander
Heidi Ann Hahn and Philip Goldstone
          In Support of Olinda Silvano Inuma de Arias, Peru
Mary Anne and Bruce Larsen
Sharon Ettinger-McLaughlin and Don McLaughlin

Anonymous (3)
Myra and Robert Hull/Tolleson Wealth Management
Amanda Alexander and Brendan Kelley
Stephanie and Ed Larsen/ Larsen Family Charitable Fund
          In Honor of Polly Ahrendts
Marcia Wilson
Anne Chognard and James Ammerman
Sali Randel and Bernard Ewell
Gay Block and Billie Parker/ Shlenker Block Fund at the Houston Jewish Community Foundation
Melissa and Christopher Mann/ Pew Charitable Trusts Matching Gift Program
Cheryl Jamison
Martha and Mark Alexander
Shirley Murphy M.D.
Alexander Tschursin
Crowdrise at GoFundMe Charity
Lamar Fletcher
Debra Paterson
Diane Manning and Edward Kessler/Morgan Stanley Gift Fund
Sabrina Pratt
Mary and James Polk
Susan Abeln
Kathleen Wosika/Ameriprise Financial
Charlene Cerny & Joseph Chipman
          In Honor of Folk Art Market Artists
Megan and John Boudreau
Gurmeet Kaur and Ashish Rajadhyaksha
Julia Rhymes
          In Memory of Beverly Rhymes
Karen Domenici
Carol Robertson Lopez and Jeff Case
Melissa and Christopher Mann
Sharon Will and Charles Kreysa
Patricia Foschi
Jill Markstein/ The Markstein Family Fund at Schwab Charitable Fund
Shirley Bradley
Lyn Selig
Kimberly Zeilik
Pam Handman
Lisa Humbert
Mary Jane and David Henley
Sunny Sonnenschein and Stuart Feen
Margaret Lloyd
          In Honor of Kathryn K. Coleman
Geraldine and William Groody
Adrianna Abarca
Barbara and James Sellman
Marge and Charlie Wilson
Patrick Odell Rayes
John B Wasserman and Esther Starrels
Steve Dayton/ Cabin Fund at Santa Fe Community Foundation
Carolyn Andrews
Colleen and Rob Wood
Brenda Shears and Keith Kintigh
Laura Holmes
Julie Mayes
Mary Hammond
          In Honor of Gail Inaba and Janis Mendelsohn
Elaine and Dr. Michael Clayman
Hudson/Matson Family Charitable Fund
Bridget Wanford ziadie
Linda and Lance Armer
Helen Frye/Helen and Henry Frye Charitable Trust
Kaki and Kent Grubbs
Cathy and Steve Dienst
          In Memory of Steve Farek
John George
Anne and Tom Conner
Hilary and Ed Smida
Philip Fimmano & Li Edelkoort/ Edelkoort Inc.
Peter Troup
Lorence Tobias Kircher
Karen Perry
Britt Klein
          In Honor of Joe and Bunny Colvin
Sunny Sonnenschein and Stuart Feen/ The PairieFire Foundation
Sandy Nachman/Communities Foundation of Texas
Sheila and Kirk Ellis
Gwyn and Wilson Mason
Linda and Paul Pagoda
Ann Nichols
Louise Quinn
Ellie Schrader and Stu Patterson
Sally and Ben Crane
Barbara and Bill Richardson
          In Memory of Charmay Allred
          In Memory of Nancy Block
Benedicte Valentiner
Rosemary Molnar and Ed Angel
          In Honor of Alexis K. Girard
Marty Braniff and David Rubenstein
Mary Ann and Ken Fergeson
Susan Bell/Belle Jewelry
Elaine and Kenneth Cole
Margo Cutler
Kathleen Blake and Bob Ballance
Judy and Broc Stenman
Valerie and Bud Hamilton
Ann Aceves


Anonymous (4)
Jennifer Weil
Mike Mullins
          In Memory of Charmay Allred
John Cook
          In Honor of Bekki Cook
Mark Dunham
Susan Brown
Jane and Ken Cole
          In Honor of Peggy Swoveland
Gabriella Marks
Maryla Wasiolek/ United Way of Central New Mexico
Robert G. Armstrong
Ana and Jim Williams
Madeleine Gehrig Lister
Janis Mendelsohn
Elena Sweeney
Maria Cristina Di Stefano
Pearl Tom
David Gude
Sara and Scott Sandlin
Peggy Swoveland
          In Honor of Jane Cole
John Cunningham
Vicki Nowark and Peter Coha
Marlene Nicholson
Judith Sherman
Carter and Bill Leinster
Lynne Spivey
Bonnie Valuet
Eileen Mandel
Allison and Tony Allott
Charles and Ellen Lacy
Suzanne Turner
          In Honor of Judy Espinar
Linda and Paul Pagoda
Markeeta Brown
Colleen Newell
Douglas and Christine Preston
Karol and Cary Kirk
Carolyn and Peter Pappas
Anne Warner
Jeanette Lurier and Frank Schmid
William Templeman
Frances Fine
Linda Parman
          In Memory of Steve Parman
Julia Cowing and Christopher Caveglia
Maria Magolske
Carolyn and Preston Reed
Phyllis Bergman
          In Memory of Vicki Bergman Marks
James and Patti K. Kroll
          In Honor of Kathryn K. Coleman
Dona Bolding Hamilton and Roger C. Hamilton/ Bolding Hamilton Charitable Fund
Catherine Thrasher
Gay Miller
Jane Irwin
Paulette Stevenson
Peggy Hall
Jana Olson
Christine Moench
Marilyn Geary
Pamela Hackett
Joan and Robert Benedetti/US Charitable Gift Trust
          In Support of Guillermo Estrada Viera, Cuba; Gabriel Bien-Aime, Haiti
Susan Curtis
Satara and Tai Bixby/The Crescent Fund h/a Fidelity Charitable
Madeleine Mahoney/The Leslie Jones Fnd h/a Fidelity Charitable
Susan Conway Oliphant and Patrick Oliphant
Eleanor and Michael Peters
Carmella Padilla
Marilyn Rosenfeld Thomas and David Ullman
          In Honor of Edd and Carole Stepp
Phyllis and Stanford Lehmberg/The Phyllis Lehmberg Revocable Trust
Barbara and Bud Hoover
Enid and Roy Tidwell
Ann Maxwell/Mary Costello
Judie Rosner
Mary E. Walta
Terese Lyons and Tony Foltman
          In Support of Eric Adjetey Anang, Ghana
Clare Brett Smith and Alexander Brown
Faith Garfield
Barbara Templeman
Linda C. Ligon
Susan and Trenholm Walker


Anonymous (15)
          In Honor of Steven and Frances Lopata
          In Honor of Eli Beery
Sachiko and Anthony Umi
Penne Mobley
Bob and Patricia Hinton
          In Honor of Ginger Williams and Sandra Wylie
Virginia and Garrett Williams
Connie Tooker-Nunez and Michael Nunez
          In Honor of Consuelo Tooker
Sandra Shoshani
Annette Kelley and Jeff Scattergood
Pattie Ravenheart
The Gomez Family
Katherine Sanchez
Anne Wright Wilson/ Princeton Area Community Foundation, Inc.
Raymond G Romero
Adrienne and Elias Murray
          In Honor of Marta Gallegos & Neal Dudovitz
Martina and Patrick McLarney/McLarney Foundation Fund
Melisa Thompson Kemp
          In Honor of Ed and Carole Stepp
Marty Braniff and David Rubenstein
Leslie and Nathan Axelrod
          In Honor of Virginia Williams
          In Honor of Sachiko Umi
          In Honor of Jen Palmer
Frances Maier/ Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Frances Ann Hitchcock
          In Honor of Nance Lopez
Mary and Michael Mahaffey
Alan Webber and Frances Diemoz
          In Honor of Stuart Ashman
Leslie and Rutgers Barclay
Donna Wilhelm
Renee Stevens
Nancy Volksen
Jo Ann D. Ward
          In Honor of Virginia Williams
Marta Gallegos and Neal Dudovitz
          In Honor of Adrienne Murray
Patricia and Michael Wilson
Sue McDonnell
Irma Romans
          In Honor of the Romans
Pam Culwell and Charles G. Case II
Mary and Alvin Larson
Denise Montgomery
Leslie Woolley
Kathy Musial
Denis McNabb & Bill Patterson
Laurie Radin
          In Honor of Norma Radin
Linda and Barry Hunsaker
Ana Williams
Sarah and John Finn
Steve Irsik
Bob Curtis
Jill Jankowski
Michelle Beacham/ Sandia Shuttle
Charles Magee
Mary Ann and Peter Reiter
Jo Lyn Brown
Carolyn Crane
          In Memory of Charmay Allred
Henry Drewal and Sarah Khan
          In Honor of John Scarlett and Helen H. Tanner
Alice Scarborough
Sandra Scott
Candace Smith and Steve Bolliger/ Schwab Charitable
Tom Buchanan and Robert Bell/Schwab Charitable
Nancy Roe
Shelly Richardson
          In Honor of Carol Opatrny, To future travels, CCO!
J. H. Singer
Jaynne Allison
Jerome Forman
          In Honor of Edd and Carole Stepp
Nancy Manderson
Rosalind and Lowell Doherty
Kay and Willard Lewis
Gary Kilpatric
          In Memory of Mary Kilpatric
Claire and Jim Woodcock
Julie and William Ashbey
Eva and Edward Borins
Lynn Marchand Goldstein
Judy and Phil Laughlin
Frances Levine
Leslie and Brad Burnside
Vivianne and Joel Pokorny
Lynne Horpedahl
Leslie Dashew
Donna and Fred Winters
Beatrice and Pierce McGrath
Lucy and Henry Schuyler
Neil and Cindy Lyon/ The Lyon Brokerage
          In Honor of Kathryn K. Coleman
Kathryn Squire
Berle Driscoll
Diana Schmidt
Nancy and Jim Wheeler
Linnea Solem/Linnea Solem Giving Fund
Elaine Monroe
          In Honor of Benita Vassallo
Elizabeth Thorp
Debbie and Neil Korte
Chris Linn and Ginny Zipperer
Denise and Bill Johnson
Sue Breslauer and Norm Flax
Raquel Fernandez
          In Memory of Raul Fernandez
Daniel Mascaro
Marta Gallegos and Neal Dudovitz
Margaret/Peggy and David Ater
George and Dorothy Gamble
Beverly Martin
Sallie Bingham
Annie Evergreen
Carol and Tom Stephens
Elisha P Renne
Crystal Bliss Lardy
Richard Dickson
Joan Braune/Madison Community Foundation
Deborah Weinberg and Lou Ringe/Ringe Weinberg Family Fund
Maya Hildebrand
Cristina Branco
John Sedlar
Ian Ratowsky
Janette Miller
Joanna T. Hurley
Yara and Gerald Pitchford
          In Honor of Carole and Edd Stepp’s Birthdays
Genevieve and Ann Caldwell
          In Honor of Carole Stepp
Dr. Marsha Bol and Dr. Michael Katz
John J. Vazquez
Joanna Prukop
Diane and Gerald Gulseth
Marilyn Kay
Judith Iverson
Ross LaHaye
Regie and Jeff Roth
David Campbell/ United Way of Central New Mexico
Stephanie and Mike Mendez
Peter and Darian Dragge
Diane Glenn
Marcia Settel
Elizabeth Hudson
          In Honor of Jane Bernard
Candy Hearne and Kay Gehm
Jane and Bob Morris
Pamela G. Thomas
Lorin and David Abbey
Damaris Ames and Peter Lloyd
Barbara and Ed Rachlin
          In Honor of Rosie Stepp
Cheryl and Rollin Whitman
Luanne and Steve Moyer
Melinda Kelly
          In Memory of Carol Main
Jennifer Good
Martha and Hugh Balaam
Terry Shoemaker
          In Memory of Reta Huggins
Tina and Jim Hille
Julie and Bob Butterfield
William Eamon/ William Eamon Charitable Fund
Mary Feidt and Eddie Lewis
Rebecca and Tom Darden
Lori Gibson
          In Honor of Blanca Garza
Stephanie Green
Mary Ellen Hunner
Alice and Robbin Dawson
Bob Walker
Tom Buchanan and Robert Bell
          In Honor of Keith Recker
Brian and Mary Cassidy
Susan Shepard
Alicia Corbett
Cheryl Erickson
Sharon Gorevitz
Kathy Mattson
Marcia Matthieu
          In Honor of Toby Matthieu Family
Darlene Nolin
Sarah Henderson
          In Honor of Sarah Henderson
Deborah and Dennis Snyder
Jenny Deinlein
Sandy Nachman
Rob and Roddy Landes
          In Honor of Kathryn K. Coleman
Dorothea Ann Madison
          In Memory of Charmay Allred, whose friendship spanned decades.
Jane and Tom O’Toole
Lynn Nichols and Jim Gilchrist
          In Honor of Nance Lopez
Kim Straus
Florence Lee Witt
Myra and Robert Hull
Karen Loud
Susan Rojas
          In Support of Guillermo Estrada Viera
Martha Sewell
          In Memory of Charmay Allred
Anthony Fisher
          In Support of Gabriel Bien-Aimé, Haiti
Gail Griffith
Barbara Hadley and John Burke
Ginger and Don Teague
          In Honor of Kathryn K. Coleman
Kay and Kenny Bergen
          In Honor of Edd and Carole Stepp
Carol De Fritsch
Pamela A Bixter
Mary Anne Deane and John Sullivan
Brenda Edelson
Nomi Seltzer
Priscilla Dakin
Kathy and Richard Abeles/ The Abeles Foundation
Donna Michalski
Sally and Rob Baird
Peter Whitman and Susan Feiner Charitable Account at Fidelit
Joanne Smogor
Ann and Alan Putterman
Joan Sheetz
Susan Considine
Diane Bethune
Candyce and David Secrest
Linda Metrick
Karen Phillips and Kyle Olmon
Greta Schettler
Paulajane Moffitt
Mary Jensen
Maryellen Schwartz
Robin Lynch
Steven Lapinsky
          In Honor of Kira Lapinsky
Mara Harris
          In Honor of Frank Christian
Pat Bartels and Tom Hufnagel
Glenna Dean
Lynn Lee
Gail Rachor
          In Honor of Laurel Vander Velde
Sue and John Farrell
Jane and Dick Sanford
Grace Watkins-Wright and George Wright
Giving Assistant Inc.
Laurie and Robert Bennett
Rabbi Joshua Jacobs-Velde
          In Honor of Michael and Laurel Vander Velde
Lynne and Bertram Strieb
Sandra Wylie
Gay Robson
          In Honor of Lynn Petrelli
Penelope Perryman
Janet Peek
          In Honor of Lynn Petrelli
Sally Sherman
Jackie Campbell
Barbara Atkinson
          In Support of Porfirio and Juana Gutierrez
Alan Buratto
Jourdan Abel
Michelle Mazanec
Adele La Brecque
Diane Ashmead
Connie Willard
Jordan Roth
Bonnie L. Garr
Jack Winberg
          In Memory of Eileen Winberg
Susan Straight
Kathleen Ditmore

*Includes In-Kind Donations


A World of Thanks to our more than 2,000 dedicated Volunteers, Staff, and Organizational Leaders!


Jane Reid, Chair
Jennifer Kimball, Vice Chair
Amanda Alexander, Secretary
Lisa Adelman, Treasurer
Leigh Ann Roscher Brown, At-Large
Kathryn King Coleman, Immediate Past Chair
Keith Recker, At-Large
Suzanne Sugg, At-Large
Courtney Taylor, At-Large


Jodi Aeling
Catherine Allen
Judith Benkendorf
Nancy Bern
Martha Braniff
Anne Chognard
Karen Domenici
Karen Durkovich
Ardith Eicher
Philip Fimmano
Jim Garcia
Kaki Grubbs
Gurmeet Kaur
Brenda Kilcup
Karen Loud
Ali MacGraw
Mike Mullins
Shobhan Porter
Liz Rees
Greta Schettler
Michael Vander Velde


Jamie Clements
President/CEO, Museum of New Mexico Foundation
Debra García y Griego
Cabinet Secretary, New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs
Khristaan D. Villela, Ph.D
Director, Museum of International Folk Art


Mark Alexander
JoAnn Lynn Balzer
Charlene Cerny
Nella Domenici
Sheila Ellis
Judith Espinar
Alexis Girard
Nance López
Linda Marcus
Joni Parman
Michael Peters
Rick Porter
Carol Robertson Lopez
Peter Speliopoulos
Edd Stepp
Alexander Tschursin
Benita Weber Vassallo


Tom Aageson
Charmay Allred
Charlene Cerny
Judith Espinar


Stuart A. Ashman
Melissa Mann
Susan Brown
Gabe Gomez
Adrienne Murray

The International Folk Art Alliance, Inc. (IFAA) doing business as the International Folk Art Market (IFAM) is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that works in partnership with the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs, Museum of International Folk Art, Museum of Indian Arts & Culture, the Museum of New Mexico Foundation, and City of Santa Fe. IFAM is partially funded by the City of Santa Fe Arts Commission through the Lodgers’ Tax for the Arts Funding.

Our generous supporters make these programs possible:

The world’s largest market and cultural festival of handmade work by master folk artists has hosted more than 1,000 artists from 100 countries.

Entrepreneurship education program that helps folk artists develop business and marketing skills through peer-to-peer mentoring to participate more effectively in the global marketplace.

Is a year-round series of lectures, artist demonstrations, and pop-up sales. Folk Art Matters is a way to express our passion for this organization and invite audiences year-round to experience the deep cultural impulses that shape IFAM and inform the creation of folk art from around the world.

Provide the unique opportunity to meet folk artists in their home countries and experience rich histories and traditions firsthand.

Community Membership plays an active role in helping secure IFAM’s mission to connect people to each other and to folk art, to foster international dialogue, preserve and sustain culture, empower artisans, and support IFAM artist-centered programs.

Connecting students to folk artists for cultural exchange throughout the year.

IFAM COLLECTION at the Dallas Market Center
A wholesale market opportunity for artists at one of the largest home and gift shows in the country.

Donor list complete as of June 1, 2020. Every effort has been made to include a complete and accurate list of donors and supporters. Please notify the IFAM Advancement Office at 505-992-7607 or melissa@folkartmarket.org of any omissions or corrections.