International Folk Art Market | Booth Set Up Instructions


  • Exhibitors will arrive at 9 am. Please wait for the exhibitors before unpacking their packages.
  • Official exhibitors will be wearing nametags that indicate that they are exhibitors.


  • A member of the Selection Committee will visit the booth to greet the exhibitor(s) and inspect the art to make sure it complies with the application. Except for designated interpreters, volunteers are not to participate in these discussions between the Exhibitor(s) and the Selection Committee member(s).


  • Exhibitors pre-order their tables, mirrors and garment racks. A copy of the rental order is in the plastic bin with the tablecloths to cross-reference. Your block captain will also have copies of what was ordered. This year we are making it very clear to artists that if they do not pre-order, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fulfill last minute requests.
  • Do not take tables from other booths!
  • A limited supply of tables will be available to be rented on Friday morning until 12 noon at the upper level booth supplies, artists must agree to the rental costs before acquiring any additional equipment.
  • All artist tables must fit within the boundaries of the booth. Do not go into aisles or walkways.
  • Certain booths (dependent upon location and fire code rules), will be given an extra 6’ x 18” table and tablecloth to be used for writing sales and handling packages in the aisle. Not all booths on site will have these AA sales tables.


  • Keep the wastebasket under a table out of sight.
  • The aisle in front of the booth must be kept completely clear.
  • Handy-people volunteers are available to help with booth display, and putting hardware into the hardwalls.
  • Supplies for booth display are available on the Supply Tables on the Upper and Lower Levels.
  • Special note for carpet vendors — They will be given three ped gates for hanging merchandise. It is acceptable for carpet vendors to display merchandise outside the boundaries of their booth as long as they are not blocking aisles, walkways, or other booths, or pedestrian traffic. They may not hang merchandise on latticework outside of the portolets.


  • Help the artist unpack and put price tags or price stickers on the art.
  • Price tags and stickers are available in your booth box. Extras may be obtained at the Booth Supply Stations on both levels.
  • Pricing questions should be referred to a Block Captain in a yellow apron. The Block Captain will send a Pricing Expert to the booth.
  • Sales books are specifically assigned to each booth. Put the booth number and the Artist’s name on all sales slips. Some books are pre-marked, others are not. Clearly writing the booth number helps your artist get paid promptly and accurately.
  • There are some assigned sales books in your Booth Supply Box. More books may be obtained from Booth Supplies on Upper Level should you run out.


  • Volunteer representatives will visit booths Friday to select art to be sold in IFAM | Santa Fe’s “Best of the Best” Booth (artists agreed to provide this via the US$300 Voucher that was included in their Acceptance Packet).


  • Save cardboard boxes for holding sold work/packages and for repacking unsold goods.
  • Keep boxes hidden under the tables, or give to the Green team. It’s possible to get boxes back for unsold goods, but it may not be the same ones if you give them to the Green team.
  • Unneeded, flattened boxes, empty aluminum cans, plastic bottles (#1/#2) with necks, newspaper and bubble wrap will be collected by the Green Team from the front of the booth on Friday only.