Selection Process Artists

The Artist Selection Committee meets in the Fall of each year to evaluate International Folk Art Market applications for the following year’s International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe (IFAM | Santa Fe). Based on their evaluations, applicants are recommended to be considered for participation in the International Folk Art Market. All applicants are notified by December 31, by email, whether or not they are invited to participate in the International Folk Art Market in July.

The Artist Selection Committee is guided by the following criteria when they evaluate IFAM | Santa Fe applications: artistic quality; traditionalism of the art form/art work as well as of the design and the production process; acquisition of artistic knowledge (how the artist has acquired their artistic knowledge and skills); and role or use of the art form/art work in the artist’s community. Please also visit the What is Folk Art? to better understand how the Artist Selection Committee evaluates applications. Independent folk artists, folk artists who are members of cooperatives, and businesses and non-profits working with folk artists are encouraged to apply. All participants of past International Folk Art Markets are welcome to apply. However, to encourage the participation of new artists we give special attention to applications from new artists and applications from cooperatives, non-profit organizations and businesses that sponsor new artists.

Since there are many venues open to American folk artists to show and sell their work, participation in the International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe is limited to artists who reside outside the United States or have legally immigrated to the United States and who actively create folk art that is consistent with the traditions of their native country. Businesses and nonprofit organizations based in the United States or abroad that represent the work of such artists are also eligible to apply. The folk art sold in the International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe is traditional folk art. Modern fashions, designer goods, and tourist items will not be accepted.  If you make folk art with a contemporary twist, please read about our Innovation Initiative, by clicking here.