Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 International Folk Art Market Santa Fe has been canceled. As a result, all artists who were selected to participate in the 2020 event will be automatically accepted into the 2021 International Folk Art Market Santa Fe.

International Folk Art Market, Santa Fe, 2022

  • Applications Open: June 1, 2021

  • Submission Deadline: September 1, 2021

  • Selection and Placement: October 2021

  • Notifications: November 2021

Artist Applications will be available on this page on June 1, 2021. 


What is the International Folk Art Market Santa Fe?

The International Folk Art Market Santa Fe (IFAM Santa Fe) is the largest gathering of artists displaying traditional folk art from around the world. Artists come to speak about and demonstrate their art, learn business skills, and meet other artists. People who attend can look, purchase folk art from IFAM and learn from the booth displays.

When and where is the International Folk Art Market Santa Fe?

IFAM Santa Fe is scheduled on the second full weekend in July and takes place under a tented outside venue on Museum Hill in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The 2021 Market will take place on July 7-18.

Who attends the International Folk Art Market Santa Fe?

  • Each year IFAM Santa Fe attracts over 17,000 visitors (folk art enthusiasts) over a period of two and one-half days.
  • More than 150 folk artists from over 50 countries participate each year.
  • The International Folk Art Market is responsible for the exhibition and sale of all artwork available at the annual International Folk Art Market. Over 1,600 individuals volunteer their time to make every part of the event successful.

What is the International Folk Art Market?

The International Folk Art Alliance doing business as the International Folk Art Market (IFAM) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The mission of IFAM is to celebrate and preserve living folk art traditions and create economic opportunities for and with folk artists worldwide. The International Folk Art Market envisions a world that values the dignity and humanity of the handmade, honors timeless cultural traditions, and supports the work of folk artists serving as entrepreneurs and catalysts for positive social change.


When is the deadline to apply?

The next Artist Application cycle will open in 2021 for the 2022 International Folk Art Market, Santa Fe.

How do I apply?

Complete application instructions for the 2022 IFAM Santa Fe will be uploaded in 2021.

Who is eligible to apply?

Individual artists, cooperatives, non-profit organizations, businesses or individual sponsors are eligible to apply. See Selection Process for additional criteria.

Can I apply if I live in the U.S.?

Since there are many venues open to American folk artists to show and sell their work, participation in this juried selection process is limited to artists who reside outside the United States or have legally immigrated to the United States and who actively create folk art that is consistent with the traditions of their native country.

Does IFAM provide financial assistance?

A limited number of financial assistance packages are available for first-time participants. The financial assistance form is included in the online application. Returning participants, representatives of major businesses or organizations are not eligible to receive financial assistance.

The packages are awarded to support an artist’s:

  • International round trip airfare
  • Local airport shuttle transportation (Albuquerque/Santa Fe)
  • Educational programming
  • Hotel in Santa Fe

The package can be expanded to cover the costs for a qualified interpreter upon discretion by IFAM.

Limited funds are available for financial assistance. Notifications of financial assistance are sent via email by the end of January.

If an applicant does not receive financial assistance for themselves, or proposed interpreter, they are expected to manage their expenses to attend.

Artists who receive financial assistance must still cover costs such as: passport and visa fees, shipping, transportation within own country and booth fee.

What types of folk art are considered?

The folk art sold at the International Folk Art Market Santa Fe should have a foundation of traditional folk art. Contemporary items that do not demonstrate an innovation of a tradition may not be accepted. Tourist trinkets are not accepted.  

What is innovative folk art?

IFAM features a group of artists who demonstrate excellence in innovations within their folk art traditions. Traditions may evolve over time in materials, methods, design and/or products used. Collaboration between artists working in different traditions will also be considered.

Click here for more information on the Innovative Initiative.


Who reviews my application?

A committee, comprised of folk art experts from museums, galleries, and universities, whose collective expertise encompasses a range of media, cultural areas and geographic regions review all applications. Employees of IFAM do not have a vote in the process.

What criteria is used to evaluate applications?

During the selection process, reviewers evaluate applications based on the following criteria: artistic quality; traditionalism of the art form/art work as well as of the design and the production process; acquisition of artistic knowledge (how the artist has acquired their artistic knowledge and skills); and role or use of the art form/art work in the artist’s community. Innovative folk art will be evaluated based on the creative process in its development and the resourcefulness shown in keeping traditional skills alive. It will be important to identify in the Telling Your Story section “PEOPLE INVOLVED IN THE PROCESS”: Explain the impact of your work – If it involves other people throughout the process, what is the extent of their involvement?

When will I be notified of the result of my application?

The review process occurs October through November. Notifications are sent out beginning mid-November and are completed by December 31, by email. Applicants are notified whether or not they are invited to participate in the International Folk Art Market in July.


What are the most important elements of the application?

  • The photographs that you remit are the only way the reviewers see your product representation.

o Submit the best photographs of your work.

o Include photographs of the full product.

o Also include close-up photographs of the detail of your work (especially for textiles).

o Products must be made within the past five years.

o If you remitted an application last year, or if you participated in IFAM Santa Fe within the past couple of years, it is not advisable to use the same photographs – We recommend for you to submit new photographs of new work for a fresh application.

  • The Telling Your Story (Section E) is an important part of the application. Be sure to answer in detail about the Artist’s story. If applicable, also provide information about the Organization.

How do I determine what prices to use for my products?

When pricing items for a retail Market such as IFAM Santa Fe, consider the cost of: materials used, labor, and additional costs (such as shipping or business overhead). Use caution not to under price or over price your products for the U.S. Market.

How much do I budget to attend the International Folk Art Market?

Participants are required to pay for the following expenses:

– Production costs of folk art

– Passport and visa fees

– Transportation: airfare, shuttle, other

– Booth fee (see IFAM Fees)

– Lodging (approximately 7 nights)

– Shipping and Customs/duty fees

– Hand-carry additional luggage

– Miscellaneous


IFAM encourages artist participation by offering a reduced booth fee when an artist attends the International Folk Art Market. The 2019 booth fee was $600 with an artist and $1,000 without an artist. The Display Booth is about 3.05 meters by 3.05 meters (10 feet by 10 feet) in area. Booth fees are paid after being selected to participate in IFAM Santa Fe.

IFAM retains a handling fee of 10% – 20% of sales (first-time artists retain 90% of sales, returning artists retain 80% of sales. If sales are below $10,000 IFAM, artists retain 90% of sales). A formal agreement that explains additional fees and guidelines is provided upon acceptance into the International Folk Art Market Santa Fe. IFAM also retains a credit card processing fee (at a comparable rate) for all credit card transactions.

Applicants assure that they will be able to cover costs related to attending the International Folk Art Market Santa Fe. Such costs include: passport and visa fees, airfare, ground transportation, lodging, meals, shipping/customs clearance and booth fee.

Artists who apply for and receive financial assistance packages are still responsible for costs such as passport and visa fees, shipping and customs clearance, and booth fee.

Additional Information

The International Folk Art Market Santa Fe has a juried selection process. There is no fee to apply. Individuals who have been accepted to IFAM Santa Fe previously or who have participated in previous years are not guaranteed to be selected in subsequent years. Returning applicants must submit a new application for consideration each year.