Partner with IFAM to create a world of difference! Here at IFAM, we celebrate folk artists—social entrepreneurs—across the world.

IFAM provides year-round economic and entrepreneurship programs for folk artists, including:

Below, you’ll find brief descriptions of each of the IFAM funds that help make the Market Magic possible. Make a tax-deductible donation to IFAM and positively change lives through folk art.

Fund Name Description
Milagro Fund – General Operating Fund Now is the time to become part of a movement to support the vision and creativity of folk artists worldwide who come together every year at IFAM. Your donation as the capacity to change entire communities by helping to preserve traditional handmade art, communicate masterful skills to younger generations, and encourage innovative design firmly tethered to ancient traditions.
Artist Sponsorship Fund The 2021 artist cohort includes 26 first-time Market artists. These exciting practitioners of ceramic, metal, beading, weaving, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional arts will have the opportunity to participate in our global showcase and join peers from around the world. Each of these artists qualifies for financial support, including international airfare, US transportation and lodging. Without financial support, they will not be able to participate. Will you sponsor a first-time Market artist?
Balzer Innovation Artist Fund The Balzer Innovation Artist Fund is intended to further the work of the Innovation in Folk Art program presented by founding sponsors JoAnn and Bob Balzer, supporting those artists using their art in new and exciting ways to further the practices of their craft.
Capital Campaign Building Purchase Fund We want the ideas, practices, engagement that the International Folk Art Market fosters to exist year round! With your generous gift, we can make big strides toward purchasing the building and recreating the IFAM Center as a Hub for folk art knowledge and community.
Lopez Artist Partnership Fund The Lopez Artist Partnership Fund provides immediate relief to the 33 international artists selected to attend the 2020 International Folk Art Market for the first time.
Owen/Giguere Artist Alliance Fund
The Owen/Giguere Artist Alliance is dedicated to purchasing art from artists who have previously participated in the International Folk Art Market Santa Fe.
Market Expenses Fund IFAM’s mission is to create economic opportunities for and with folk artists worldwide who celebrate and preserve folk art traditions. While IFAM supplies the platforms, artists take charge of their own entrepreneurial growth.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has added a twist. Artists have been grappling with the loss of the 2020 Santa Fe Market, the absence of national marketplaces, and the loss of tourist traffic that allows them to sustain their art and, correspondingly, their families and communities. In recognition of these exceptional circumstances, you can help to defray their expenses. IFAM will pool all gifts and divide them equally among all participating artists to cover these costs (other than for those receiving full financial assistance).Will you pay an artist’s booth fees and help rent their booth supplies?

Mentor to Market: Artist Education Fund The Mentor to Market Artist Education Program is moving online! After a small, but successful move to virtual programming in 2020, IFAM — with the support of ByHand Consulting — is creating and implementing new online curricula reflecting artist-identified needs. Artist trainers and mentors are being recruited to drive peer-to peer interactions. These virtual offerings will allow artists to participate from their homes and on their personal schedules. To further facilitate artist access to the materials, IFAM has begun translating Mentor to Market materials into French, Spanish, and Russian. Will you help artists take control of their learning by contributing to the Mentor to Market program today?

Join IFAM with a gift that transforms, empowers and enriches the lives of artists from around the world.

If you have any questions about giving, please contact the IFAM Advancement team at 505-992-7607. We can receive donations, online, over the phone, or you can print the donor form and submit by mail to International Folk Art Market, 620 Cerrillos Rd. Santa Fe, NM 87505.

You can also Leave a Legacy and Change the World for Generations to Come: The Charmay Allred Legacy Fund includes a passionate group of people who believe in the future of folk artists and who are working to carry on the vision of IFAM for generations to come. For more information about how to join the Charmay Allred Legacy Fund, contact Melissa Mann at or call 505-992-7607.

If you would like to give a gift of stock please see transfer instructions below:

The International Folk Art Alliance, Inc. (IFAA), doing business as the International Folk Art Market (IFAM), is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and accepts gifts of publically traded securities. Tax benefits to donors of appreciated stocks can be substantial. You may be able to claim deduction equal to the full market value of the stock while avoiding any tax capital gains. IFAA’s EIN number is 35-2285824.

The International Folk Art Alliance’s Gift Policies and Procedures can be reviewed HERE.

Here are the steps you will need to follow:

  • Decide which stock you would like to donated and advise your broker to effect a stock transfer for a specific value, rounded up to the nearest share.
  • Provide your broker with the following Make sure the account number and account name are on the form.


DTC Clearing Number: 0226

Account: 658044274

Title of Account: International Folk Art Alliance, Inc. Contact: Darrin Abby

SVP, Investment Officer Enterprise Bank & Trust p 505.954.7186

f 505.954.7170

  • Please call, or ask your broker to call, Melissa Mann, at the IFAM office, 505-992-7607, or email to inform us about your forthcoming gift of stock or when the transfer is made.

The value of your gift will be determined by the high and low values of the transferred stock as traded on the day the gift was received into the Market account (per IRS rules). In most cases, stocks will be sold to benefit IFAA within 24 hours of the transfer.

IFAA will gratefully acknowledge your generous gift upon receipt of the stock transfer to our account, documenting your contribution for tax purposes.