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Cleveland Foundation / Amy and Bill Conway | Google, Inc.* | Jesse T. & Jodie E. King Foundation / Hank & Kathryn King Coleman



Charles Evans Hughes Memorial Foundation, Inc. | Ed and Margaret Roberts Foundation | Frost Foundation | International Folk Art Foundation | Kind World Foundation


Dennis and Janis Lyon Foundation | Gale Family Foundation | Jindhag Foundation | Lindblad Expeditions Artisan Fund | TenThirtyOne Fund


Adventures for the Mind Foundation | Beaumont Fund | Ahdina Zunkel | Jean Zunkel | Bridge Foundation | CLA Enterprises* | Howle-Throckmorton Grant Fund | J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. | Marti Newman and Christopher Pagano Fund | Otis & Bettina Chandler Foundation | Rees Family Fund | Sapphire Foundation Inc. | Sibylle Mueller Architect, LLC* | Theresa Fund | Woodmere Foundation


Charles Hazlehurst Moura Family Foundation | Hutson Wiley and Echevarria Foundation Inc. | Larsen Family Charitable Fund In honor of Polly Ahrendts
Vila Fund, Santa Fe Community Foundation | Weissberg Foundation

*In-kind donation

Local Impact: Since 2004, the Market has had 233,000 visitors with an estimated local economic impact of $142 million. More than 9,700 volunteers, many from New Mexico, have generously given an equivalent to 200,000 hours of their time.

A World of Thanks to Our Generous Supporters!

International Folk Art Market Santa Fe 15 YEARS ART + IMPACT

A program of the International Folk Art Alliance

Government, Foundation, and Business Supporters


Andiamo! Neighborhood Trattoria*
Ann Wright Wilson Fund
Aspen Medical Center*
Belle Fine Jewelry
Courtyard Marriott Santa Fe*
Coyote Cafe & Cantina*
David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Eye Associates of New Mexico*
Dr. Field Goods*
James M. Ewell Charitable Fund
Mortar Net Solutions
NATHALIE – In honor of Judy Espinar
Princeton Area Community Foundation, Inc.
Rebecca Kitson Law*
Shake Foundation
Taco Fundación*
Theurgics, Ltd.*
Weir Family Charitable Fund

*In-kind donation