Children’s Passport Project

The International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe presents the Children’s Passport Project on Family Day, Sunday of the Market weekend. Young children and their families participate in the Passport Project by receiving a special Market passport and “visiting” a list of countries.

At each booth they visit, the children get a chance to interact with the artists, learn about the country the artist is from, and receive that country’s flag sticker for their passport. Once they have explored around the world, they will earn a colorful badge celebrating their travels.

Participants of the Santa Fe Preparatory School Breakthrough Program serve as volunteers for the Passport Project, along with other wonderful community members, assisting artists as well as providing information and maps for the younger children.

The Children’s Passport Project engages children in the Market, and provides them an opportunity to meet the artists and receive a unique introduction to world geography.

Stop by the Passport Project Booth on Sunday of the Market, and give your child a chance to meet the world, learn about other cultures, and experience spectacular folk art — for free!