Mentor to Market: Artist Education Program develops leadership through training and workshops that equip artists with the skills and tools they need to grow their businesses. This year, the International Folk Art Market (IFAM) is taking its artist entrepreneurship educational programming to the world virtually. Master folk artists from around the world usually participate in the esteemed Mentor to Market program in Santa Fe in the days preceding the annual July Market. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual event has been canceled for 2020, but IFAM is continuing the training – offering it to the artists in their home countries via a virtual educational platform. The Mentor to Market Programs (M2M) provides business and marketing workshops, hands-on skill building, peer-to-peer learning, and long-term support for folk artists to help them improve their livelihoods and participate more effectively in the global marketplace.

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ByHand Consulting

The Webinar Series: “Marketing Essentials for Today’s Market: Staying connected during uncertain times” was organized and produced by ByHand Consulting. ByHand brings socially responsible artisan products to the market through a portfolio of marketing, product development, and business mentoring programs using their network of consultants and advisors and artisan and buyer partners.  They build relationships, strengthen entrepreneurial skills, expand markets,  promote craft tradition, and encourage the sale of beautiful handmade products. Learn more here. By attending these 4 webinars international folk artists will gain knowledge and strategies to create compelling visual and written content and use digital marketing tools to engage with customers during these unsettling times.

Market Today: A perspective for international folk artists with Karen Gibbs

ByHand Consulting will help international folk artists navigate US news and retail reports to understand how Covid-19 has impacted their target market. Artists will study handmade brands that are innovating despite market challenges and outline simple ways to connect customers using impactful messaging. Artists will learn about resources they can follow to stay updated on the US market.

Branding Basics: Tips to create or enhance your brand message Marcella Echavarria

Branding expert and lifestyle specialist, Marcella Echavarria, shares tips from her “Crafting Your Brand” program to help international folk artists enhance their brand message and tell their story during and after Covid. Artists will review the basics of branding and building your story, and how branding creates a cohesive message and can increase visibility and success. Following the webinar, artists can complete worksheets to refine and update their brand message and receive feedback from Marcella and the IFAM team.

Supplement Materials

Here are the links to the two main videos on purpose and value:

Photographing Your Product: Tips to capture the beauty and quality of your artwork Jane Bernard

Jane Bernard, a documentary, editorial and commercial photographer has been a long- time supporter of IFAM’s educational programs and is one of its most popular presenters. During this webinar, Jane will help artists understand how to take quality photographs of their artwork using basic tools, such as the camera on a smart phone and natural lighting. Artists can show Jane their products during the webinar and get specific tips for how to best photograph them. Following the webinar, artists are encouraged to practice Jane’s recommendations and can submit their new photographs for feedback.

Digital Market Tools: How to stay connected to your customer virtually Gurmeet Kaur

IFAM Board Member and marketing strategist, Gurmeet Kaur, shares practical advice to help international folk artists identify the best social media and digital marketing tools for their business. Artists will learn tips for utilizing websites, social media and email marketing to engage customers and communicate their unique brand message. Artists will have the opportunity to share their digital marketing tools with IFAM for feedback and promotion.