Jesus Sosa Santiago

The fantastically beautiful and technically accomplished carved wood sculpture of Jesús Sosa Santiago originates with copal wood, indigenous to Oaxaca, which is revered for its durability and smoothness. Santiago is a recognized master of this artform, which he learned from his father—who in turn learned from his father before him. For Santiago, carving both sacred…
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Hilario Alejos Madrigal

One of Michoacan, Mexico’s most recognized and prize-winning folk artists, Hilario Alejos Madrigal makes traditional pineapple pots, decorated with elaborate details of incision, appliqué and openwork. This requires exceptional mastery not only in clay sculpture, but also in the dual firings necessary for each piece. These colorful pineapple-shaped pots, long associated with hospitality and goodwill,…
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Jorge Castillo Balbuena

The colorful ceramic sculpture of Puebla, Mexico-based artisan Jorge Castillo Balbuena appear whimsical at first glance, but a deeper look shows the breathtaking amount of technical skill they require. As a fifth-generation artist, Balbuena learned his creative practice from a young age, under the watchful tutelage of his father. The making process is an intensive…
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Luis Fernando Hernandez Alberto

The Lorenzo family of Guerrero, Mexico is unique among Mexican retablo-makers; not only does the multi-generational trio of artisans—helmed by patriarch Lucas for decades—work together, the group of painters also creates distinctive scenes which capture both timelessly beloved Mexican imagery as well as contemporary and often playful takes on traditional retablo paintings. Comprising Lucas, Aureliano,…
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Marco Antonio Ruiz

Born in Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico, master artisan Marco Antonio Ruiz and his family emigrated to the United States for several years; it was here where he first fell in love with art, while watching his mother hand-stitch and decorate cloth dolls, which she sold at markets; the artist remembers being in awe of his mother’s handiwork….
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Josue Eleazar Castro Razo

The historical city of Salamanaca, Mexico, is home to a fascinating blend of indigenous and colonial architecture, music, and artwork. Master artist Josué Eleazar Castro Razo hails from this area, and his meticulously crafted, handmade toys captivate the young and the young-at-heart. Razo’s colorful sculptures feature bustling fiestas, dinosaurs, and even bakeries complete with apron-bedecked…
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Julio Laja Chichicaxtle

At ten years old, Julio Laja Chichicaxtle’s grandmother taught him how to make manteles, a type of traditional Mexican tablecloth with ancient roots in the region of Puebla, Mexico, where he was born. “When I was little,” says Chichicaxtle, “I knew this type of craftsmanship was going to influence my life in the future because…
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José Luis Reyes Martínez

San Antonino Castillo Velasco, Oaxaca is home to a centuries-old ceramic tradition, and also the residence of sculptor José Luis Reyes Martínez. Martínez’s pieces are both beautiful and ceremonial, with local citizens routinely requesting figures for special occasions such as Day of the Dead or Christmas. The family workshop, where Martínez continues to show and…
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Armando Jimenez Aragon

Residing in San Antonio Arrazola, a town in Oaxaca, Mexico, master carver Armando Jimenez is known for his brightly painted, whimsical sculptures. He is the grandson of Manuel Jimenez, who was a much-celebrated carver in the middle of the twentieth century, with clients including Nelson Rockefeller. The Jimenez family are recognized as masters of creating…
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Soledad Martha Hernandez de Castillo

Soledad Martha Hernández de Castillo was born in Izúcar de Matamoros, a town in the Puebla region of Mexico, which has long been a renowned pottery center. Taught by her mother and father, Castillo creates ornately configured, vividly colored traditional clay artwork using both ancient techniques and contemporary inspiration. The tradition of designing, sculpting, and…
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Yesenia Yadira Salgado Téllez

Oaxacan silver filigree is famous the world-over. For hundreds of years, artisans from this fertile region in Mexico have been crafting take-your-breath-away jewelry in ornate, regionally specific designs. When you add agate, opal, mother-of-pearl, peridot—and even 20-centavo coins—into the mix, you get the ingeniousness of Oaxacan master jeweler Yesenia Yadira Salgado Téllez. Born in 1987,…
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Carla Fernández

Carla Fernández is a Mexico City-based fashion designer inspired by the richness of indigenous textiles of Mexico. She has collected and cataloged hundreds of indigenous garments, discovering that almost all of them were made from square and rectangular shaped fabrics. Carla has followed this concept to tailor her garments. She works with more than 94…
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Daniel Paredes Cruz

Daniel’s colorful skeleton figurines are used to celebrate the festival of Day of the Dead each year in Mexico. The painting of each piece is very detailed and colorful, expressing the happiness that is felt when one’s loved ones are remembered and honored on this special day.

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