Yuliana Anin Fuka/AHPADA

Textiles are important expressions of culture and status in Indonesia and the people of West Timor produce an extensive variety. The traditional textiles of the remote village of Fatumnasi stand apart from others thanks to their vibrant colors and original tapestry weaving techniques.   Weaving is traditionally seen as a prerequisite skill for women, who learn…
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Mayasari Sekarlaranti

Artist cooperative Galeri Batik Jawa Indigo was founded by master textile artisan Mayasari Sekarlaranti. Born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Sekarlaranti watched her mother lead the city’s Yogyakarta Batik Society; from early on, a deep love of Indonesian history and culture was instilled in her. In 2007, Sekarlaranti established Galeri Batik Jawa Indigo, Co., Ltd, in Yogyakarta,…
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