Abduljabbar Khatri

This is the world’s best market. It’s a life changer for people back home and it is so important to preserving traditional craft forms

Mamta Varma

It gives my co-artists and me tremendous satisfaction and fulfillment to know that in our own small way we are doing our best to preserve the heritage of this city and our country

Manjula Devi Maithil Bahu

This project was the first in Nepal to tap the rich artistic ability of Maithil women of all castes, and pave the way for many more work opportunities.

Rupa Trivedi

In learning how to come together to dye a textile, those at Adiv, coming from many mixed communities, learn to work together. This is an important lesson for everyone in our challenging times.

Hemangini Rathore

In Hindi, the word Sudarshan means beautiful, and in the ancient district of Jaipur, India, Sudarshan is also the name of a thriving artist collective, which was founded by expert textile artisan Hemangini Singh with a goal of preserving and promoting traditional folk textiles. Singh collaborates with skilled craftsman to create a collection of handmade…
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Dr. Ismail Mohmed Khatri & Juned Ismail Khatri

Ismail and Juned Khatri are 9th and 10th generation textile artists practicing the traditional skill of hand block ajrakh printing. Their textiles are known for their jewel-like colors and geometric, floral, and architectural patterns. Innovation comes into their work with the addition of clamp dye and shibori stitching techniques to create dramatic designs. They have…
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Stitch by Stitch

India’s non-profit artist collective Stitch by Stitch is a vibrant community of highly skilled, energetically creative people, eager to preserve ancient artistic techniques while also sharing them to a worldwide audience. After falling love with India, Designer Graham Hollick founded Stitch by Stitch. “We work with traditional techniques and designs, which we gently and respectfully…
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Naynaben Bhavsar

The delicately detailed paintings of Naynaben Bhavsar comprise themes both timeless and universal. Hunting scenes, for example, are rendered in stark clarity, yet have an intriguing, innate sensitivity that transcends any one genre. Her prolific atelier also captures regional imagery of brightly adorned dancers, set against monochromatic backgrounds that allow the viewer to focus on…
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Janmamad Salemamad Luhar

Janmamad Salemamad Luhar belongs to the Muslim Luhar community of Zura, where for generations, his family has made sturdy and beautiful iron-coated copper bells, many adorned with ancient geometric symbols and floral motifs. Luhar estimates that his family has been involved in bell making for more than three centuries. He first learned the craft from…
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Firdose Ahmad Jan

The sumptuous textiles of master weaver Firdose Ahmad Jan are beloved for their exquisite patterning and unparalleled softness. Extending a centuries-old artistic tradition, Jan, who lives and works in Kashmir, India, believes strongly in the historical integrity and rich background of his artistic practice, which, after all, is believed to have first started in this…
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Mahua Lahiri & Pritikana Goswami

Since the 8th century C.E., India’s Bengal region has produced elaborately conceived and meticulously woven cloth traditionally used to make wraps and covers for protection and comfort. Over time, thrift made its mark in this tradition with women mending much loved and much used fabrics with threads plucked from fraying saris and other fabric –…
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Silpinwita Das

Master artisan Silpinwita Das partially grew up in Santiniketan, in a landscape she describes as “red soil, and meadows of lush green paddy fields, where rows of chhatim trees and palms charmed me from the very beginning.” Das grew up watching her father, textile artisan Ajit Kumar Das, absorbing his process and passion while forging…
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Shalini Karn

As a little girl, Shalini Karn and her siblings lived with their grandparents so their own parents could work. Karn was studious and dedicated to art-making from a young age, eventually receiving a scholarship to attend college, where she studied art. Each of Karn’s designs takes careful planning. Once she decides on a subject, she…
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