Artist Profiles


Pa Mang


South and Central Asia




Yoyamay Ethographic Textile Gallery



Year(s) Attended:

Arlington: 2018
Santa Fe: 2013, 2014, 2016


Chin and Karen weavings are among the most intricate and unusual of all weaving traditions in Myanmar. Every young woman in these ethnic groups learns from her mother the technique of weaving and the designs and colors that distinguish their families. These weavers are now working in cooperatives that promote sericulture and traditional textile methods. Pa Mang and Khun Shwe, both from the Siyin clan of ethnic Chin, established Yoyamay in Yangon in 1996 to create an outlet for the work of Chin and Karen weaving cooperatives. Their efforts at expanding the market for these artisans has raised annual incomes in the villages of Myanmar and supported the maintenance of knowledge of traditional weaving.Yoyamay is the leading outlet for Chin textiles. The mission of Yoyamay is to ensure that master weavers pass on Chin cultural traditions and skills to younger artists. The textiles are made on backstrap looms and are woven by women in their homes. These include simple everyday tunics, beaded tunics for special occasions, and textiles that become part of a dowry. Each group maintains its identity through its weavings and the textiles reveal the status of a person in the community