Artist Profiles


Shodmon Saidmuradov


South and Central Asia





Medium of Work:

Gilded silver jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones

Year(s) Attended:

Santa Fe: 2018


Dangling, finely crafted earrings, resplendently adorned necklaces, and other intricately detailed accessories comprise the work of master jeweler Shodmon Saidmuradov. Hailing from the ancient city of Bukhara, this Uzbek jeweler has utilized ancient techniques to produce wearable items which at once feel contemporary and timeless.

Historically, large caravans of several hundred camels loaded with goods left Bukhara in the spring and slowly made their way along the Silk Road to engage in commerce with towns far and near. Cities like Bukhara benefited not only from the exchange of such riches as silk, gold, glass, carpets, cotton, exotic fruits and animals, but also from the cultural and spiritual wealth brought by the traders.

Taking his cues from this rich history, Saidmuradov’s practice is highly sophisticated, informed by techniques dating back to the eighth and ninth centuries in Bukhara. He uses filigree and ornamental techniques in creating earrings, bracelets, and forehead and chest decorations, employing age-old methods he learned from his elders. Through the ages, jewelry has enjoyed a special status in Bukhara. While silver was in common use throughout the region, the use of gold was confined to the court of khans and the court of the Bukhara Emir. Perhaps that’s why a jewelry item made by Shodmon Saidmuradov feels truly fit for royalty.