Artist Profiles


Nuri Susana Trueba Veitía


Western Hemisphere





Medium of Work:

Primitive architectural and scene painting

Year(s) Attended:

Santa Fe: 2018


Whether rendered in clean, modern strokes of black pen and ink, or employing confident brushstrokes of many-hued oil or acrylic paint, Nuri Susana Trueba Veitia’s charming drawings and paintings offer a unique glimpse into everyday life Santa Clara, Cuba. On backgrounds of cardboard, paper, or canvas, Veitía depicts city scenes and vistas of local landscapes. Many of her works focus on architecture—whether in the form of individual, historical buildings, or close-up views of their windows, door frames, and unique embellishments. Although her paintings include veritable rainbows of color, Veitía’s monochromatic drawings are equally enchanting. Comprising hundreds of carefully applied lines, dots, and other marks, they showcase the romance and history of Cuba with elegance and sophistication.

Veitía works in a manner most akin to mid-twentieth-century Cuban folk painter Samuel Feijoo, whose whimsical scenes of everyday life inspired Veitía to try her hand at painting. Sometimes called “primitive painting” or else described as “Arte Inventivo de Cuba,” Veitía’s approachable, cheery depictions of her hometown are effortlessly likeable. “I started with this kind of art because I had the opportunity to know and work with some of its creators,” Veitía says. “Now, the tradition continues.”

Since she started painting full time in 1995, Veitía has participated in numerous exhibitions, both regionally and abroad.