Artist Profiles


José García Antonio and family


Western Hemisphere





Medium of Work:

Terra-cotta figures


José García Antonio uses clay from the soil of his village to create life-sized sculptures of Zapotec women, mermaids, and other smaller figures. Known for his large creations, he has won many awards and has been featured in books about master folk artists of Mexico.

After experiencing problems with his sight for 50 years, he is now nearly blind but continues to work daily. His wife assists in the finishing details of his sculptures.

José has passed his art onto his children who work in the family compound in San Antonio alongside him. The pieces by Santa Reyna Teresita, José Miguel, Sara Ernestina, Reyna Esther, and son-in-law Jose Luis Reyes Martinez, are distinguished by slightly different styles. Students from local schools often come to the workshop for demonstrations and hands-on sessions.