Artist Profiles


Jerónimo Coll


Western Hemisphere




Leatherwork, Metalwork

Medium of Work:

Leather belts and wallets, Damascus and forged steel knives

Year(s) Attended:

Santa Fe: 2016, 2017, 2019


Expertly tooled leather, in pleasing shades of tan, beige, or rich sienna, is crafted into a range of enchanting goods at the hands of Argentinian master artisan, Jerónimo Coll.  He is perhaps best known for the knives and dining sets he makes. With handles of finely sewn leather in alternating colors and meticulous patterns, they’re suitable for a king’s table. Coll also designs belts, finished with fine buckles of gold or silver—or sometimes a combination of both. Velvety soft leather wallets feature painstakingly stitched, interior detailing. Each of Coll’s works are crafted as treasures for a lifetime.

“Since I can remember, I’ve worked with leather,” says Coll. “Just as my father did in his workshop.” Coll’s is a highly specialized type of leatherworking called sogueria, which he practices in his artist workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He sources the vast majority of his raw material from within his country, from leather from local cattle yards to silver from regional mines; and his team of artisans are well-trained in the design sensibilities and striking detail that Coll is so keen to share with the world.

Coll crafts knives in a blend of styles, with both European and pre-Columbian designs influences, combined with Damascus steel blades or other forged steels. In his own words, this is a striking example of “gaucho art,” based mostly on an artistic style which combines right angles, crosses, and other designs, forging a true melting pot of cultures within every item. In addition to his busy artistic practice, Coll teaches workshops and also travels extensively. He is the recipient of numerous awards, both at home and abroad.