Artist Profiles


Izzatillo Ruziev


South and Central Asia





Medium of Work:

Bukhara silver and gold enameled jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones

Year(s) Attended:

Santa Fe: 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2018


The city of Bhukhara has a long history as an arts mecca. At 2,500 years old, this ancient city was a hub of the historical Silk Road, and to this day, ancient trade routes are still maintained and traversed, upholding Bukhara’s standing as a crucial center of important cultural exchange. Raised in this atmosphere, jeweler Izzatillo Ruziev started learning the ropes of craftsmanship at an early age—first from his grandfather, Qahhor, a renowned master of jewelry and metal work—and later from his father Ibrohim. Today, Rusiev continues to perfect his skills at his studio, and has plans to open a school of craftsmanship in Samarkand, Uzbekistan to teach young artisans of limited means.

In Ruziev’s studio in old Bukhara, he and his apprentices produce highly technical, resplendently beautiful jewelry, often embellished with glimmering cut stones. Every process is carried out by hand. High-quality silver is melted, then hardened into a rectangular shape, cut with a fret saw, and then different particles are soldered into various shapes and designs. This basic technique is the first stage of making rings, earrings and pendants. Bukhara has been a major center of Central Asian jewelry production for centuries. Jewelry articles have served sacred functions, demonstrated social standing, and have been used as currency.

Ruziev is an experienced and proud participant of art shows and exhibitions held in the United States, Kazakhstan, Russia, and elsewhere. With his many-stranded necklaces, sets of earrings and pendants, and gorgeously unique, cuff-style bracelets, he and his artisans produce a dazzling assortment of items that offer testimony to the incredible creative traditions of Bukhara, Uzbekistan.