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Genny Canul and Rosario Canul of Guayaberas Canul


Western Hemisphere





Medium of Work:

Guayabera shirts

Year(s) Attended:

Santa Fe: 2018


Breezy, comfortable, and innately wearable: what more could anyone ask for in a top? Shirts for men (or unisex) and children comprise the offerings of Genny Canul and Rosario Canul of Guayaberas Canul, the Yucatan, Mexico-based fashion company.

Crafted in 100% linen, Genny and Rosario’s garments are most often white or pale beige in color, making them easy-to-match staples for anyone’s wardrobe. Some of the shirts feature patterned stripes in a range of colors, from cobalt to ochre, which run vertically down either side of the central button placket. Other shirts are monochromatic, with thin, woven ridges adding dimension and character. Part of what makes their shirts so practical is also what makes them so recognizable—each has pockets at the waist, which is an adornment not typically seen on Western button-up blouses.

These simple, minimal garments are traditional to the Yucatan peninsula. Stylistically, they are something of a fusion between Spanish colonial and indigenous Mayan influences. The word “guayabera,” the company’s namesake, has roots in the word for a tropical fruit called guayaba. Over the years, this word was adapted to mean work shirt—perhaps because guayaba fruit farmers would wear shirts like this while gathering their harvest. In fact, those distinctive pockets are thought to have originally been sewn on as extra storage for workers during the harvest.

Whatever their origin, Guayabera’s interpretation of this quintessentially Mexican garment is one that’s effortlessly wearable, and a go-to fashion choice for warmer months.