Artist Profiles


Eleudora Jimenez


Western Hemisphere




Other: Retablos (frame, mirror, ornamental), Sculpture

Year(s) Attended:

Santa Fe: 2019


Like many aspects of Peruvian life, Eleudora Jimenez’s retablos begin with deeply grounded religious faith and potatoes. Together with native plants, potato flour plaster, and the bountiful colors found throughout the Andean world, clear images of her world realize themselves through scenes that depict daily life to the sublime. Eleudora’s  Ayacucho-style retablos, a craft taught to her by her father–the celebrated and recognized folk artist Florentino Jimenez Toma–are thus a balance between Catholicism and indigenous life; true centerpieces used for traditional festivities and religious events. Eleudora was born in Ayacucho, Peru, and is now teaching her daughters this craft, while participating in many festivals throughout South America.