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Rachael Nambula


East Asia and the Pacific




Central Aboriginal Artists


2D Art

Year(s) Attended:

Santa Fe: 2019


Rachael Nambula was born c.1970 at Stirling Station, north of Ti Tree in Central Australia. Her inspiration to paint comes from her mother Evelyn Pultara and other prominent artist family members. Rachael is a teacher’s assistant at the Neutral Junction Station Primary School in the Barrow Creek region where she assists in both English and Aboriginal language. Whilst studying at Bachelor College in Darwin to become a qualified teacher she also specialized in Aboriginal Culture programs.

She is the mother to three sons and one daughter. It is meaningful to Rachael to continue painting her ancestors Dreaming’s. Her artworks are colourful and creative, adding her own personal touch to her Pencil Yam Dreamtime stories which have become famous by Utopian artists since the 1980’s during the Utopian art movement.