Monthly Archives: April 2020

Ottoman Continuum, Peter Speliopoulos

    Being of Greek descent, I always had a taste for the exotic, and a passion for ancient cultures and antiquities. Grandmothers created handmade lace, and embroidered, and crocheted, in traditions they brought over from the “old “ country, having left the Peloponnesus around 1915. This early exposure to Folk art, and the memory…
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A Folk Art Journey, Peggy Gaustad

  Over 40 years ago, I set off for a two year MFA program in ceramics in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  I had never been to Mexico and I didn’t speak Spanish. Those two years would be transformational and inform who I am today. I had begun working in clay in California in the…
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Animate Objects, Keith Recker

  I shacked up with a Minimalist architect 25 years ago. We’re still debating every aesthetic decision on a daily basis, and what we live with is an extended dialogue between our definitions of beauty. The shapes and hues and patterns and materials and meanings are words. Their adjacencies form phrases and sentences. Every room…
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